CSU Master of Science in Occupational Safety and Health

by Britny

I have recently began my online masters of science in occupational safety and health at Columbia Southern University (CSU). I have taken three classes and have been very happy with it so far.

The customer service is impeccable. The university contacts me before courses begin and after they end to make sure that everything is going well. My assignments are graded very quickly and the professors always respond with feedback. If I miss anything, I am never in the dark about why I missed it. The school provides many journal sites that allow me to conduct research easily when I get home from work at night.

This college is very affordable and it makes it easy to complete my education and work at the same time. I find the college to be very supportive and very interested in making sure their students complete their degrees successfully. I was very skeptical about online learning at first, but I would highly recommend it to busy professionals who want to further their education.

One tip I would have is to keep up with your studies! It is easy to fall behind when you are on your own schedule. I also supplement my online research by using the resources of a local university library where you can go for free.

You can request free information from Columbia Southern University and find out for yourself if their online degree programs are a good fit.

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