Online Entrepreneurship MBA Degree Programs

Online entrepreneurship MBA programs teach students the special skills of lean development and ramping up a new business's growth.

Entrepreneurship masters degree is a specialization of the MBA programs that generally focus on improving business processes.

Learners pursuing online entrepreneurship MBA degrees learn how to expand from one idea to a full-fledged business, how to scale up sales and marketing, staff recruitment and training, production needs and in general learn many of the skills that are critical in running a business.

It is a key component of standard MBA programs, but focuses efforts on the small businesses where many graduates will end up founding their own start-ups or owning a successful small business.

Featured Online Entrepreneurship MBA Colleges

Walden University

  • Master of Business Administration - Entrepreneurship
  • M.S. in Leadership - Entrepreneurship

Kaplan University

  • MBA in Entrepreneurship

Education and Training

Online entrepreneurship MBA programs, just like traditional entrepreneurship masters programs, focus heavily on learning from case studies of successful start-up ventures, and how they were able to penetrate a marketplace or receive funding for expansion. In addition, classes also include work on financial management and creating initial business plans, as well as how to effectively motivate small groups. Elective courses may include legal aspects of various products and innovations, as well as getting into foreign markets.

While students may take electives on problem solving in lean entrepreneurial environment, coursework in later semesters focuses on courses of the student's choosing and may involve interactions with venture capitalists and variety of entrepreneurs to help learners understand the dimensions of building a business.

Career Options

While many graduates of entrepreneurship masters programs will try to start their own businesses, they may also find work in a number of other fields. For example, they may be asked to help an already existing company start off a division or work with venture capital firms to identify promising firms for investment. In any case, they are often asked to take senior leadership positions at small firms and help to grow them into mature companies.

Salary Growth

Salary expectations for entrepreneurs who want to start their own company are difficult, because compensation is generally tied to the success of the company. However, top executives at more mature firms make on average $113,000, while management and financial analysts start in the upper five figures with an MBA degree. Entrepreneurship MBA degree holders may work with small companies or they may also assist in keeping larger companies agile.

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