MBA E-Business and Technology

by Joseph D.
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

My experience with Columbia Southern University has been very positive. I was able to use my Bachelors degree in web design, from a nationally accredited college to begin taking courses for an MBA in E-Business and Technology.

I am approximately 3/4 through with my classes; it has been more challenging than I had anticipated. Since this was my first experience with an online university, I actually thought it would be easier than the traditional schools, but the coursework and expectations from my professors have been on par or harder than my previous experiences. It's worth it though, because I feel like I have learned so much more because of these requirements.

I would rate CSU on a scale of 1-5; 1 being bad and 5 being great as:

Subject Matter - 4
Professors - 4
Professors Knowledge of Subject Matter - 5
Coursework - 3 ( was much harder than anticipated )
Textbooks - 5 (Textbooks are free, new editions, and very relevant )
Convenience - 5 (This is the main reason I decided to go online)
Cost - 4 ( CSU is cheaper than most online schools I found )
Overall Experience - 5

You too can find out if this college is a good fit for you by requesting free information from Columbia Southern University.

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