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Online executive MBA degree programs also referred to as Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) programs are special MBA program options for mid-level business professionals and managers who want to advance their business management, problem-solving and leadership skills but do not wish to take the time off from their current job positions to complete the program.

The coursework for an executive MBA program is geared towards a working professional as opposed to a conventional MBA which is designed for learners with no working experience or those who wish to continue their education to a PhD level.

Accredited online executive MBA programs offer aspiring learners the ability to take coursework by distance learning, enjoy a flexible schedule and provide compressed timelines for learners to complete these programs in a shorter time, as compared to the three years it takes to complete a traditional MBA program.

The business environment is changing everyday as traditional practices become irrelevant and technology becomes center-place in how people do business. This means businesses have to formulate new ways of becoming competitive so they can adapt and survive in the changing times. This requires managers and business executives to gain new skills that can spur growth in the companies they lead. The goal of this graduate executive business degree program is to equip these executives with skills on how to diagnose and solve complex business problems as they arise.

The program approach is based on experiential learning which uses practical "cohort", problem-solving and consultancy models to accomplish learning. Students are able to learn, solve problems and grow together through collaborative study groups, team building exercises and networking events that transforms them into innovative leaders ready to tackle today's business problems at their workplaces.

Featured Online Executive MBA Schools and Colleges

Walden University

  • Executive Master of Business Administration - General Program

St. Joseph's College

  • Executive MBA

Executive MBA Program Requirements

Most executive MBA online programs require that applicants have completed a bachelor's degree, usually in business, management or a related field and also to have several years of experience in the workforce prior to application. Executive MBA programs may also require applicants to take the GMAT or other business school admissions tests, but this requirement varies by college.

Job Opportunities

Executive MBA degree holders are able to gain access to top management positions and earn a pay raise in their current employment firm or switch careers and get management positions in government, private sector, or non-profit management.

Depending on their area of focus in their executive MBA program, they may secure positions as managers of operations, human resources, finance, marketing, project management or other departments of medium and large companies. The additional networking opportunities of executive MBA programs as well as the high amount of work experience prepares most MBA graduates for positions as senior vice presidents or even C-level executive positions.

Career Growth and Salary Expectations

Top executives earnings are among the highest in the corporate world. Executive positions are also known to be some of the most prestigious and thus there is a great amount of competition for top executive slots especially in the United States, which is why many career managers go back to school for a masters in business administration degree.

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