Online Graphic Design Courses and Degrees

Online graphic design courses and degree programs are ideal for those who are creative, have an eye for detail, and possess the ability to communicate ideas verbally, visually, and in writing.

Graphic design is the art of using color, fonts, illustrations, shapes, pictures, and words to create aesthetically pleasing content that gets a message across to the targeted viewer or audience, in the form of print, electronic or film media.

If you would like to embark on a graphic design career, become a graphic artist, or work in a related field, an online graphic design course or a bachelors degree program in graphic design is an ideal starting point.

However, in today's web and video technology-driven market, which demand a lot of interactivity and visual communication appeal, a graphic designer's role has almost become inter-twined with video development and web design. Thus graphic design degree holders do not only go on to become graphic designers, but they can also become part of a team working in areas such as web multimedia development, interactive media production, digital production, film and video production, illustration, advertising and marketing, fashion design, and package design.

Online Graphic Design Courses - Featured Schools and Colleges

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

  • Associates of Science in Graphic Design
  • Associates of Science in Web Design and Interactive Media
  • Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design
  • Bachelor of Science in Game Art and Design
  • Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Interactive Media
  • Digital Design Diploma
  • Web Design Diploma

Westwood College

  • Associates in graphic design
  • Associates in Computer Aided Design/Architectural Drafting
  • Bachelors in Graphic Design - Visual Communications
  • Bachelors in Graphic Design - Web Design

American Intercontinental University (AIU)

  • Bachelors in Visual Communications
  • Bachelors in Visual Communications - Digital Design
  • Bachelors in Visual Communications: Graphic Design
  • Bachelors in Visual Communications: Illustration
  • Bachelors in Visual Communications: Photography

Most online graphic design degree programs include elements of web design and multimedia, as well as the intensive use of computer graphics and design software tools. Courses such as website development, HTML, web animation, multimedia graphics, Flash media design, and Photoshop and Illustrator software tools are often taught in graphic design classes.

As you complete your online graphic design degree, you will also work toward creating your own portfolio of work, which you will then use to demonstrate your skills to potential employers.

Employment outlook for graduates of graphic design programs

An associate's or bachelor's degree in graphic design is usually the minimum educational requirement for an entry-level position as a graphic designer, production artist, or computer artist. Learning technical courses or pursuing complimenting master's or doctorate degree programs may also allow you to achieve a more technical position, such as studio manager, production director, or art director.

Graphic design courses often lead to entry-level jobs, which may provide on-the-job training and advancement to higher-paying roles. Those with experience may become chief designers or creative directors, or even take up supervisory positions in big companies. Other graphic designers go on to become teachers in colleges and universities, consult for small design studios, open their own private firms, or become freelance web designers.

Job opportunities are expected to rise, driven by the high demand for interactive media, particularly in areas of website design, animation, cell phones, video and computer games, and other digital technology.

The American Institute of Graphic Arts states that entry-level designers earned a median pay of $35,000 in 2007, while those in supervisory roles earned a median salary of $62,000. Freelance designers reported median earnings of $60,000, and design directors reported a median salary of $98,600 during the same period.

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