Online Public Relations Degree Programs

Online public relations degree programs are now being offered by various colleges and universities online.

Public relations also known as PR professionals use their communications and people skills, creativity and business insight to generate positive publicity for a business or cause.

With a degree in public relations, you can perform an essential role in helping your organization succeed.

Featured Online Colleges that offer Public Relations Degrees

Walden University

  • Bachelors in Communication - Public Relations

Education and Training

Public relations courses covers subjects such as advertising, business administration, political science, finance, psychology, public speaking, marketing, sociology, media, communications, and creative and technical writing. A number of online schools offer specializations in public relations for government, business, and/or nonprofit organizations.

Online public relations bachelor's degree programs may focus on the creative, media, or business aspects of the profession-or all three. Students learn how to study public opinion and human behavior, develop strategic plans, and work constructively as part of a team. They gain writing, decision-making, and communications skills, as well as knowledge of the various media. A number of public relations courses offer internships, which enhance hands-on learning and real-world experience.

Master's degree in public relations programs teach research, strategic planning, written and oral communication, and project management and evaluation. Coursework typically addresses ethics, law, media and media relations, planning and implementation of public relations projects, and research methodologies. Students may focus on a particular aspect of public relations or on a particular industry, for example, healthcare, entertainment, sports, politics, or non-profits. Some programs include a practicum or internship.

A doctoral degree in public relations prepares graduates for academic and research careers. Doctoral students are expected to already have strong public relations skills, knowledge, and experience. Studies focus on research that will contribute to the field of public relations; students typically choose an area of specialization.

Public Relations Careers

The field of public relations focuses on the relationship between an organization and its public. Public relations professionals help ensure the success of businesses and organizations by developing that relationship. They use various forms of communications and media to promote products and services. Public relations professionals work in every industry, including business, healthcare, education, government, the military, and nonprofits.

Job Opportunities in Public Relations

Employment analysts expect job growth in public relations to be strong in the near future, but the field will remain highly competitive. Applicants with public relations degrees, or degrees in other communications fields, plus internships and relevant experience will have the best opportunities for entry-level jobs. Most upper-level positions are filled through promotions.

While all industries employ public relations professionals, salaries vary. Petroleum and coal products manufacturing, drugs and druggist wholesalers, computer equipment manufacturing, brokerage firms, and electronics wholesalers pay some of the highest wages.

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