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Operations management degrees are designed for students who want to work in industrial production, or in more specialized careers in production and operation management, inventory management as well as those who want to run their own business.

Operations managers are top executives who plan, direct, and coordinate the operations of organizations.

Their duties are very diverse; they formulate policies, manage daily operations, plan, direct, and coordinate production activities within budget, ensure quality of goods produced is held to high standards, plan the use of resources, ensure efficient and safe production process and perform many other management functions. Being efficient is the ultimate goal of any operations manager.

Online operations management degrees are popularly available at the bachelor's and masters degree level.

Featured Colleges - Online Degrees in Operations Management

American Intercontinental University (AIU)

  • Bachelor's of Business Administration - Operations Management
  • MBA - Operations Management

Walden University

  • PhD in Management - Operations Research
  • M.S. in Management - Global Management
  • M.S. in Management - Research Strategies
  • M.S. in Management - Strategy and Operations
  • PhD in Management - Operations Research
  • Master of Information Systems Management (M.I.S.M.) - Managing Global Software and Service Supply Chains

Capella University

  • MBA - Global Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • DBA - Global Operations and Supply Chain Management

University of Phoenix

  • BS in Business - Integrated Supply Chain and Operation Management

DeVry University

  • Bachelor's - Business Administration - Operations Management

Degrees in Operations Management - Education

The formal education and experience required of operations managers are as varied as their responsibilities. Most operations managers have at least a master's degree and significant experience; while others hold a PhD degree in operations management or related field.

Students who want to development business management skills to augment their careers in other fields also benefit from an operations management degree.

Many online programs in business administration, finance, or logistics and supply management offer operations management classes.

Courses in operations management include production and inventory, supply chain management, customer service, accounting, finance, and management. Students pursuing masters of business administration (MBA) in operations management degree programs also take courses in information systems, administrative theory, supply chain management, microeconomics and macroeconomics, human resources management, managerial accounting, policy, statistics, management science, and project management.

Courses typically focus on defining and solving real world business problems. In addition to developing analytical tools, students learn communications, teamwork, and managerial skills. Production and operations management programs teach the skills required to manage and coordinate operations related to the production of goods.

Job Prospects for Graduates

Entry-level jobs with an online degree in operation management include operations manager, manager of business process improvement, inventory control manager, logistics manager, service delivery manager, and quality manager. There is keen competition for operations management jobs because of the high pay and prestige.

Experienced managers with strong leadership qualities have the best employment opportunities. Experience and education in international economics, marketing, supply and chain management, information systems, as well as knowledge of multiple languages, is an added benefit to those seeking higher level management positions.

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