PhD in Postsecondary and Adult Education

by Dr. Trish Hopkins

The feeling of walking across the stage to be hooded as Dr. Trish Isabella Hopkins is one of the most incredible moments of my life! Next to me in the hooding ceremony stood one of my colleagues who had gone through the Capella University program alongside me. Over the three years we had been working together in our online classes, we built friendships with other amazing students.

My story started in poverty as someone who had been told that a college education lingered out of reach. I started college with two small children, a supportive husband, a promise from my mum, and a dream. Walking in faith through many dark times, I achieved my dream.

My professors at Capella University helped me overcome some of the obstacles that cropped up. A handful of them believed in me, and I did not let them down. I highly recommend enrolling in a degree with Capella.

Some people are afraid of online learning. However, my PhD degree focused on online learning and the growth it is having in our Internet booming world. I am an example that anyone can overcome their circumstances to better their lives and the world around them. In fact, I wrote a book titled Allstar Academy Online (.com) that gives all the skills, tips, and tricks needed to be an A student like me. I offer help for online students to shine like stars in all their online college endeavors! I graduated with a 4.0 in my PhD coursework.

Tap into your inner potential!

You can request free information from Capella University and begin your path into realizing your educational dream.

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