Bachelors in Business Accounting and Finance

by Chelsea
(Houston, TX)

I love American Intercontinental University(AIU). I am currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Business with a concentration in Accounting and Finance. The school allows each student to only take one class per 5 week session at a time, unless you are working on your Associates degree, and then you can take up to 2 classes per 5 week session, this makes it much easier to handle the material and master it rather than just learn it for that session and forget it next term.

There are also no true tests, just projects and papers so that you can show that you have mastered the material and are able to apply it to a real life situation that you could easily encounter in you field of work.

The faculty and staff are very interested in each student’s success. I was assigned an admissions counselor and he has made the process very enjoyable and stress free. There is also a virtual campus where students can interact with one another and join clubs, just as you would do on a "live" campus. The classes have two chat sessions a week which make it very easy to communicate with classmates and the professor, and if you are unable to attend these sessions, they are archived so that you can go back and review them at a later date.

The professor also has office hours when they are online so that you can converse with them personally about grades, personal issues, etc. I love distance learning because I am able to keep my full time job and still get to spend time with my family. The cost is lumped together for the whole degree which makes it much easier to understand, books are also included so that you do not have to come up with extra money for that. A financial aid advisor is also assigned to you to complete the financial aid process, which was a great help for me.
American Intercontinental University would be to stay in touch with your admissions advisor; it makes the process very easy and stress free.

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