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Choosing an online college or university can be a daunting task for prospective learners.

Finding a quality online distance learning school that is not only accredited, but also offers the specific program you're looking for, at a fee that suits your budget, can be overwhelming-especially given the growing number of online colleges available to today's students.

The goals of the Distance Learning Colleges Guide online college reviews is to make it easier for prospective students to research and select the right online school that meets their needs, with the help of recommendations by former and current online students. Here, you will find student reviews of individual online schools, tips, advice, and experiences written by others who faced the same decision you're trying to make right now.

These online college reviews and experiences have been written by real students, for the purpose of helping other students and prospective learners make an informed decision regarding online schools and universities. They're purely for the purpose of helping you to decide if a particular school or program is the right one for you. Be the judge!

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