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Culinary arts degrees and courses by distance learning

Online culinary arts classes, courses and degree programs offered through an accredited culinary arts college train students for a career in the food service and preparation industry.

These types of programs are generally designed for students who have already received training in cooking skills beyond the high school level. Online culinary arts classes provide graduates with additional skills to improve their chances of employment and advancement.

Throughout the program, students learn to hire, train and supervise staff; develop work schedules; design menus; and create cost estimates for supplies and food. Students also learn about sanitation and safety standards in the food industry.

Benefits of online culinary arts classes

Careers in the food service and preparation industry require more than a passion for preparing food. Even professional chefs and cooks need solid business skills to maximize their employment potential. Online culinary arts degrees fill in the gap between possessing cooking skills and a successful career in food service. Online culinary arts courses are designed with the working professional in mind, enabling students to learn while they earn. And because the classes can be completed day or night, food service professionals can easily fit them into their non-traditional schedule.

Specializations in online culinary arts degrees and programs

Students in an online culinary arts program can take general culinary arts courses, or choose to specialize in a related area, such as gourmet cooking, baking and pastries, catering, or restaurant management. Specializations enable professionals to expand their career in a direction of interest.

Featured Online Culinary Arts Schools and Colleges

Art Institute of Pittsburg

  • Bachelors in Culinary Management
  • Bachelors in Hotel and Restaurant Management

Ashworth University

  • Certificate in Gourmet Cooking And Catering
  • Certificate in Hotel/Restaurant Management

Three aspects of a culinary arts program

Culinary arts professionals need many skills for successful careers. These can be broken down into three areas.

  • Hands-on food preparation skills, including baking and cuisine.
  • Kitchen management, including menu planning, staff supervision and training, and purchasing.
  • Academic skills such as decision making, customer service, communication, and diversity issues.

Because of the hands-on nature of food preparation, online culinary arts classes focus on the last two areas. These skills, however, are essential for successful careers in the food service and preparation industry. Current professionals can improve their chances for employment or advance their career with a solid foundation in culinary arts management and academic skills.

Career options with a diploma or culinary certificate

Students who complete an online culinary arts program may already be employed in a food service and preparation industry. The skills learned throughout this online program, however, will increase their opportunities in jobs such as chef, cook, food service manager, caterer, sous chef, or restauranteurs.

In spite of slow growth, job prospects for chefs and head cooks will be good, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is due to the large number of professionals leaving these positions. Competition will be strong for better-paid positions at upscale restaurants. The same is true for food service managers, cooks, and food preparation workers.

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