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Anatomy and physiology distance learning courses are provide excellent foundational knowledge for those who wish to either improve their medical knowledge or advance their medical career.

Are you considering medical school? Or do you wish to work as a nurse, massage therapist, health information technologist, or even becoming a natural health practitioner? If you have ever considered any of these careers, you should know that basic knowledge of the foundations of anatomy and physiology is often required. A simple and affordable way to begin your studies is through a distance learning course in human anatomy and physiology.

Learning human anatomy and physiology often involves hands-on lab work to be performed by the students. Because it is virtually impossible to use technology to fully and completely teach anatomy and physiology online, most online learning colleges offer basic anatomy and physiology distance learning courses that can be transferred to a traditional college as the pre-requisites required to complete their on-campus anatomy and physiology degree program or related coursework.

As a result, there are currently no colleges that offer a full degree in anatomy and physiology through distance learning.

Featured Online Colleges

Penn Foster Career School

Health Services Diploma Programs
  • Occupational Therapy Aide
  • Physical Therapy Aide

A.T. Still University

  • M.S. in Human Movement
  • M.S. in Advanced Occupational Therapy
  • Masters in Advanced Physician Assistant Studies
  • Transitional Doctor of Audiology (AuD)
  • Transitional Doctorate in Physical Therapy

What is Anatomy and Physiology?

Anatomy is the study of the human body. It is the foundation course for almost all medical schools. Understanding of basic human anatomy is imperative to further study. Physiology is the study of how all of these parts work together as a functioning machine. More specifically, physiology relates to the molecular and cellular reactions that are necessary for the body to function.

A distance learning course in anatomy and physiology will cover basic medical terminology as it relates to the human body and the basic chemistry of the body's compounds. In a typical basic anatomy and physiology distance learning course, you would learn the parts of the human body, including: musculoskeletal anatomy, visceral systems, respiratory anatomy, neuro-anatomy, reproductive systems, and other related topics.

In a typical physiology class students learn how the body's various systems work together to keep the body balanced and functioning. This may include coursework in cells, tissues, and cellular metabolism, as well as an understanding of the basic pathological processes.

Salary and Employment Outlook for Graduates

Studying anatomy and physiology can lead to several career choices, including pursuing a medical degree or working as a massage therapist. Salaries vary widely depending on your continued academic pursuits and ultimate career choice. Most careers that require the study of anatomy and physiology continue to be on the rise, including a high demand for doctors and registered nurses, as well as a continued demand for massage and homeopathic therapists.

If you would like to pursue any career that requires an understanding of how our bodies work, anatomy and physiology distance learning courses will increase your knowledge prepare you to further your education in a related field.

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