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Pursuing online advertising degrees and courses will help you get started in the creative, exciting, and potentially lucrative field of advertising and marketing.

Advertising is everywhere. It is embedded in the sales flier tucked inside your newspaper and displayed on the billboard you pass everyday on your way to work. Advertising has become a part of nearly every aspect of our society.

Who Are Advertisers?

Advertisers are generally creative, highly motivated, flexible, and decisive people with excellent oral and written communication skills. Advertisers spend a great deal of time researching markets to determine the type of message that would best captivate their audience and make them want to buy a company's product. Students pursuing online advertising degrees aim to fulfill the advertiser's need to craft messages that connect with the targeted audience and prompt a desired response.

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The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

  • Bachelors in Advertising
  • Bachelors in Advertising - Internet Marketing

International Academy of Design & Technology Online

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising and Design
  • Bachelor of Science in Internet Marketing

Kaplan University

  • Bachelor's in Business Administration - Marketing
  • BSIT - New Media/Internet Marketing
  • MBA in Marketing

Different colleges use different names for their marketing and advertising online programs.

Education and training

Online advertising degree programs teach learners research concepts, marketing principles, advertising literacy, sales, promotion, public relations, media approaches, and how to plan advertising campaigns. It is imperative that graduates know how to connect a company's product and message with its buyer.

Since a great deal of today's advertising is done online and through various forms of multimedia, many online advertising programs offer technology courses such as web and graphic design, visual communications, digital design, interactive media, and more. These courses prepare students to reach audiences through the Internet, radio, television, and outdoor advertising.

In addition, you can get an online degree in advertising that is designed to target a specific area of study, such as: brand and product management, international marketing, sales management evaluation, telemarketing and direct sales, interactive marketing, promotion, marketing communication, market research, organizational communication, data-processing systems procedures, and management.

Most online advertising schools offer bachelor degree programs which require 3-4 years of study and can be completed conveniently at your own pace and according to your own schedule. Some online advertising schools also offer accelerated programs, enabling the learner to complete the course within a shorter period of time.

Salaries for graduates

The field of advertising is extremely competitive, especially when it comes to the most coveted positions within well known companies, such as those that represent popular brand names and labels. However, earning an online advertising degree will open many employment opportunities, such as becoming an advertising agent, corporate or retailer advertiser, illustration designer, billboard designer, promotions manager, or a marketing specialist, among other positions.

If you are naturally a competitive person with a creative edge, advertising just might be a perfect fit for you, and online advertising classes will help you get closer to your goals and prepare you for an exciting and rewarding career.

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