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You can search for a college or university of your choice from the following list of colleges and universities across United States, organized by state. When you select a particular U.S. State, you have the option of viewing both online and traditional colleges available in that State. You may also select to view online colleges or campus-based universities only or even search by degree program or zip code.

List of Colleges and Universities by U.S. State

The following links are organized by state and provide information about both online and "brick and mortar" (traditional, campus-based) accredited colleges and universities you can choose from. Remember, too, that you can request college and university catalogues, programs, and admissions applications, as well as scholarship and financial aid information, from any of the institution on the list. You will find colleges and universities in 50 states that offer undergraduate and graduate certificate programs, associate's, bachelor's, master's, doctorates and vocational training opportunities.

In order to make an informed decision about your education, be sure to request information from more than one school.

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Canadian Colleges and Universities

PCU College of Holistic Medicine

University Canada West

Reeves College

Visual College of Art & Design

Vancouver Career College

CDI College

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