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Making the most of online journalism courses starts with a passion for writing and a love for words, combined with a talent for communicating.

The top journalism schools consistently look for these qualities in their students. Online journalism courses are perfect for writers with busy lifestyles. In fact, many writers have such a wide variety of interests that entering into a traditional, full-time journalism degree program just isn't practical.

Online courses for journalism are perfect for the eclectic lifestyles of creative people who find writing to be a rewarding and fulfilling profession.

Popular online journalism courses include bachelor degree in journalism and mass communication among others.

Online journalism degrees or courses completed in a top journalism school online open up a world of opportunities. Consider these facts about journalists and the freedom they have in their jobs to literally never have the exact same day twice:

  • Online journalists - those that write for websites, are by far the most in demand. According to the American Society of Newspaper Editors and their annual salary survey, the highest paid journalism salaries were for online jobs. The median salary reported for students who took jobs in web publishing was $30,000 annually - a 9.8% increase over the previous year.
  •'s Annual Salary Survey of Journalists shows broad support for journalism degrees. In their annual survey of salaries by region of the U.S. and throughout Europe, journalism professionals who use their writing talents in the field of public relations, with several years of experience, earn up to $53,000, and those that turn to business or write for marketing departments earn $43,000.
  • Journalists yearn for freedom first, financial gain second. Many career journalists point to the opportunity they have as journalists to impact public policy and connect the public with the truth. Journalism is a high-energy profession that seeks to bring forth new insights every day to its readers.

Featured Online Universities

Full Sail University

  • BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment
  • BS in Sports Marketing and Media
  • BS in Digital Cinematography
  • BS in Entertainment Business
  • MFA in Creative Writing
  • MFA in Media Design
  • MS in Entertainment Business
  • MS in Internet Marketing
  • MS in New Media Journalism
  • MS in Education Media Design & Technology

Online journalism courses open up an entirely new world for people who have a passion for writing, a love of words, and have a talent for communicating. Journalists never have the same day twice and have ample opportunity to influence the world around them.

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