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Earning a masters in business administration by distance education

Online MBA programs are for people who need convenience and flexibility to learn about business, leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship.MBA degree diploma education

Through accredited MBA online programs, business professionals can earn an MBA while working and caring for a family.

An MBA remains one of the most popular degrees in the field of business.

This is because an accredited Masters in Business Administration degree is globally recognized.

No other degree or credential can prepare you for business in the real world like a Master of Business Administration. It tells employers that they can trust your management and leadership skills.

An MBA offers a general (rather than specialist) perspective. It opens doors to higher levels of responsibility, including opportunities in management and higher-level positions.

Masters of business administration degrees offered by distance learning include a general MBA or specialties:

  • Accounting MBA,
  • Business MBA,
  • Finance MBA,
  • Human Resource Management MBA,
  • Marketing MBA, etc.

As in any master's program, students in an online program may be able to tailor a degree to fit their own goals.

The steps leading to an MBA

MBA's are graduate degrees. In general, candidates must hold a bachelor's degree. You can get an MBA degree online no matter which bachelor’s degree you hold. There are also options for undergraduate students to earn a bachelor's degree and an MBA together.

MBA Degree Online Specializations

Choosing a distance learning MBA program

An MBA curriculum and the cost of the program will vary across schools. Other factors such as the reputation of the school and the program accreditation may affect the total cost of the program and the employer's perception of your online MBA degree. Contact career advisors at each school you consider. Ask about schedule, cost, program concentration, and how each program meets your career goals.

Both online universities and traditional campus-based colleges offer online MBA programs. If you're thinking of earning an MBA online, consider these factors:

  • University accreditation - Is the school accredited either regionally or nationally? Employers want fully qualified workers. Only accredited campus-based and online schools receive financial aid. Check accreditation through the US Department of Education or Council on Higher Education Accreditation's databases.
  • Tuition assistance - Some corporate employers offer financial help to those who take their MBA online through an accredited college or university.
  • Program accreditation - Besides a college's regional or national accreditation, most colleges also have specific accreditation for business programs. Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) supports excellence in business education. Employers and recruiters accept only degrees from member schools.
  • Program duration - Most online MBA programs take less than two years to complete. Some colleges let you finish sooner through accelerated MBA online programs. You save you time and money.
  • Residency requirements - Some online MBA programs have face-to-face residency requirements. Students travel to specified locations and meet with other students and faculty to learn and network.

What type of MBA can you earn online?

  • Regular MBA: A general MBA program offering advanced management concepts. No specialization required. Leads to management and other leadership positions.
  • Two-year full-time MBA: Full-time studies. Difficult if you must keep working.
  • Accelerated MBA: Dedicated and independent students can jumpstart their careers. Online accelerated MBA programs can be completed in 10 to 15 months.
  • Part-Time MBA: Widely popular for working professionals. Takes more than two years.
  • Executive MBA: For working executives with prior experience as managers. Combines work and education for two years or less.
  • Dual MBA: Combines two related disciplines in one program of study. Earn both an MBA and a master's degree in a different specialization, for example, an MBA and a Master of Science in leadership.

Earning a masters degree in business to further your career

Earning a masters in business administration is a golden opportunity to further your career and open doors to more opportunities. Working professionals with an MBA are much more likely to have management positions or to become CFO or CEO. MBA graduates have an excellent background to start their own companies.

Regardless of your current profession, the knowledge you gain by completing a distance education MBA program puts you ahead of the competition and makes you a valuable member of any professional team. Those with an MBA often have an annual salary of over $100,000. Having an MBA is an investment in a great future and a solid career.

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