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An online history degree from an accredited college or university is a liberal arts based program that prepares graduates for a variety of careers, such as ones in education, research, writing and business.

By studying and analyzing past events and societies, history majors develop reading, writing, and other communication skills. They also learn how to think critically about information. They are able to identify key issues and create practical solutions to problems. Study programs also emphasize research. This trains students to gather new information relevant to a particular topic.

Most of all, history majors develop curiosity, and learn to look beneath the surface of a problem for the root causes. All of these skills prepare students to pursue not only graduate programs in history, but for a wide range of careers.

Why consider a degree in history via distance learning?

History degree programs online provide students with the same rigorous curriculum found in campus-based programs. By utilizing online learning tools -- such as discussion boards, meeting rooms, and email -- students enrolled in an online program can expect to be supported by a rich online learning community. Students interact with instructors and classmates in a dynamic and diverse environment. The learning environment facilitates the sharing of information such as diagrams, presentations, and source documents. Students can easily comment on documents shared by classmates and the instructors. These skills that are acquired through online study are essential for many future careers.

What specializations are available?

History is a broad topic. Students may choose to study many areas, but they often specialize in one or more areas. History can be broken down by regions, such as American, European, Asian, or Western Civilization. It can also focus on types of problems, including urban or social factors. Students interested in teaching may also be able to specialize in education, and take courses that prepare them for certification as a teacher or enrollment in a teaching degree program.

Featured History Degree Online Colleges

The following universities offer degrees in history by distance learning:

Norwich University

  • Masters of Arts in History

How to make the most of your study program

  • Online history programs may include a capstone -- or thesis -- project as part of the curriculum especially if you’re pursuing a history graduate program. This in-depth research project provides students with an opportunity to showcase the analytical, research, and writing skills learned throughout the program. Students can also use the communication and multimedia skills picked up during online courses to create a rich and interesting presentation and report.
  • Grades and college transcripts are only a small piece of the study out cutcome Students can also highlight their skills using a visual portfolio. This showcases the value that the student can offer to a future employer. With the emphasis on computer technology, online students can pull into their portfolio examples of their ability to work remotely, create interesting presentations online, and use cutting-edge Internet communication methods.
  • Internships provide students with opportunities to put their history skills into practice. These positions may not directly deal with history, and are often related to business. Still, internships allow students to test-drive potential career options early on. History degree programs online may not offer this type of hands-on experience. If not, then students can arrange them with local businesses or through internship websites.

What career options are possible for history graduates?

In addition to becoming a history researcher, professor or teacher, graduates can enter politics, government, journalism, administration, or law. History graduates interested in teaching can find jobs in Elementary or Secondary schools, or at colleges and universities. They may also work at museums as education directors, guides, researchers, or curators. Historians are also sometimes writers and editors, either for a news agency, or as authors of books and articles.

Many graduates of history degree programs enter the world of business. The skills learned can be easily transferred to any number of business careers. They may also enter the field of banking, stock analysis, insurance or use their communication skills in advertising or marketing. They can even study government policies and trends in various industries and public utilities.

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