Online Instructional Technology Degree Programs

Instructional design and educational technology by distance learning

Online instructional technology degree programs and education technology degrees equips students with the ability to use emerging technologies, such as web-based e-learning to enhance traditional learning.

If you are the type of person who likes to use technology to help people learn, or help two groups of people better understand each other, then curriculum and instruction, educational technology and instructional design degree programs would be a good fit for you.

Online Instructional Design Degree Programs

Online Instructional Technology Degree courses are becoming more and more popular as colleges and organizations embrace e-Learning to deliver training modules to students in the most timely manner. Currently, most instructional design classes are geared towards the graduate level, with very few undergraduate programs available.

Various degrees in educational technology and instruction are currently available, including master of science (MS), master of arts (MA), master of education (M.Ed), educational specialist (Ed .S), doctor of education (Ed .D) and doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) programs.

Coursework varies and different schools use different names for their programs such as: Computer Education, Learning Technologies, Educational Multimedia, Educational Technology, Instructional Design and Development (IDD), Instructional Technology, Curriculum and Instruction, Instructional Systems Technology, Instructional Design, Development and Evaluation, Instructional Design and Technology, and Instructional and Performance Technology, among others.

Featured Colleges with Online Instructional Technology Degrees & Educational Technology Programs

Northcentral University

  • MEd - Instructional Leadership
  • MEd - E-Learning
  • Doctor of Education (EdD) - Instructional Leadership
  • Doctor of Education (EdD) - E-Learning
  • Education Specialist (EdS) - E-Learning
  • Education Specialist (EdS) - Instructional Leadership
  • PhD in Education - Instructional Leadership

Instructional technology degree and design scope

Instructional technology aims to create effective and efficient learning programs to benefit learners. Consequently, instructional technology degree programs are designed to teach students how to design instruction, apply learning theory to instructional design, select and implement delivery systems to reach learners where and when they need it, assess learners' behaviors, integrate instruction with factors that influence learners' performances, align curriculum objectives with learners' educational goals, and other learning processes.

Educational technology and instructional design technology careers are exciting options for individuals who are interested not only in technology, but also in the learning process. In fact, cognitive and behavioral psychology studies form the root of most instructional technology programs.

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