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Degrees and courses in interior design by distance learning

Attending an online interior design school challenges students to shape the human experience by creating functional and meaningful environments.

Throughout a degree program or course, students develop design skills relevant to real-world situations. By working through interior design problems, students learn to assess the conditions of a space, as well as research and discover solutions. They also become proficient in utilizing design techniques, such as lighting, color, furniture selection, building codes, and environmental conditions.

As students become innovative designers, they strengthen their critical thinking and communication skills, as well as develop a core set of professional ethics.

Online interior design programs emphasize technology

An interior degree or course undertaken by distance learning emphasizes many of the cutting-edge technologies that graduates will use throughout their careers. Video and animation software have become increasingly prevalent in the design industry. Students use these tools to plan and update designs for many types of spaces. The online learning format emphasizes virtual workshops and critique sessions that bring together students and instructors. These Internet-based skills have become essential in a rapidly changing industry.

Featured Schools with Online Interior Design Programs

Art Institute of Pittsburgh

  • Associates in Graphic Design
  • Associates in Kitchen and Bath Design
  • Associates in Photography
  • Associates in Web Design and Interactive Media
  • Bachelor's in Fashion & Retail Management
  • Bachelor's in Interior Design
  • Bachelor's in Media Arts & Animation
  • Bachelor's in Photography
  • Bachelor's in Web Design and Interactive Media
  • Diploma of Digital Design
  • Diploma of Residential Planning

American InterContinental University

  • Associate's - Interior Design
  • Associate's (AABA) - Visual Communication
  • Associate's - Fashion Design
  • Associate's - Media Production
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Fashion Marketing
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Interior Design
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Media Production
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Visual Communication
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Marketing and Design
  • Bachelors in Media Production
  • Bachelors in Visual Communications
  • Bachelors in Visual Communications - Digital Design
  • Bachelors in Visual Communications: Graphic Design
  • Bachelors in Visual Communications: Illustration
  • Bachelors in Visual Communications: Photography

Maximizing the value of an online interior design program

  • Success in the interior design industry requires hands-on experience. Some programs, or interior design student associations, may offer opportunities to develop professional skills by working with businesses. An online interior design program provides students with the skills to work remotely with businesses in other cities. This is especially useful for students living in remote locations.
  • Some programs prepare students for professional licensure exams, such as the NCIDQ Exam.
  • A visual portfolio of work is essential for applying for jobs in the interior design industry. Because students in online programs regularly share their work electronically, they are well-prepared for creating an attractive portfolio to showcase their design skills.
  • Program accreditation varies, with some schools approved by regional accreditation agencies, and others by specialized organizations, such as CIDA (Council for Interior Design Accreditation).

Career options with a certificate or diploma in interior design

Interior designers create aesthetically-pleasing and functional spaces for both residential and commercial environments. A career in interior design is ideal for anyone interested in tackling tough design problems and transforming them into beautiful solutions, for example, kitchen designing. Other areas that need design include homes, hospitals, offices, and hotels. Design professional must be familiar with basic design principles, as well as building codes, construction concepts, and environmental issues. They often work alongside other professionals, including architects, contractors, and engineers.

In addition to a career as an interior designer, an online interior design program prepares students for any number of entry-level positions: design consultant, store planner, sales representative for a design firm or supply store, or facility planner. Employment of interior designers, and related jobs, is expected to grow faster than average. Graduates, however, will face keen competition. Graduates with solid technology skills and real-world experience will have the best opportunities.

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