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Information technology and computer science programs by distance learning

Online computer degrees refer to the range of technology and computer science programs and include degree programs and certifications in computer science, information technology (IT), web design and development, graphic design, network and computer security programs, e-Business and all programs that involve using technology to accomplish a task.

Computer systems, the Internet and all forms of information and communication technologies have become an integral part of our everyday lives, and are part of virtually every business.

Acquiring technology skills in an area of one’s interest paves way for a career with excellent long-term earning potential in a variety of industries. Opportunities abound for computer professionals to work with computer systems, network infrastructure, the Internet and its’ technologies, software and new technologies.

Computer science degrees, information systems and information technology degrees prepare learners for careers in computer science and information technology. In addition, professional IT certificate and certification courses enable students to become trained in a specialized area of technology. For those with a passion for computer technology, master’s and doctoral degrees in computer science allow them to explore, and design, cutting-edge technologies.

An added benefit of pursuing a computer science degree or any other information technology degree online is that depending on the program, the online format introduces the learners to various state-of-the-art technologies enabling them to experience, master, and even apply the learned skills.

Online Computer Degrees and Programs Specializations

Computer degree specializations represent the broad range of applications available, whether that means focusing on computer hardware, software applications, scientific computing or theory. A degree focus can be tied to the discipline where the technology skills will be used, such as computer information science, computer network management, systems security, management information systems, web development, computer architecture, operating systems, networks, software applications and design and more.

Accredited Online Computer Programs & Technology Degrees

Featured Colleges offering Online Computer Degree Programs

Kaplan University - their unique learning environment allows working professionals the flexibility they need to complete today's much-needed higher education, without disrupting their career or lifestyle.

  • AASIT - Application Development
  • AASIT - Help Desk Administration
  • AASIT - Network Administration
  • AASIT - Web Development
  • BSIT/ Applied Technology
  • BSIT/ Applied Technology - Information Systems Management
  • BSIT/ Applied Technology - Network Administration
  • BSIT/ Applied Technology - New Media/Internet Marketing
  • BSIT/ Applied Technology - Project Management
  • BSIT/ Applied Technology - Web Development
  • BSIT/ Information Systems
  • BSIT/ Information Systems - Application Development
  • BSIT/ Information Systems - Database Management
  • BSIT/ Information Systems - Health Informatics
  • BSIT/ Information Systems - Information Security and Forensics
  • BSIT/ Information Systems - Mobile Computing
  • Masters in Information Technology
  • Masters in IT - Business Intelligence
  • Masters in IT - Entrepreneurship
  • Masters in IT - Information Security and Assurance
  • Masters in IT - Project Management

DeVry University

  • Associate - Electronics & Computer Technology
  • Associate - Health Information Technology
  • Associate - Network Systems Administration
  • Associate - Web Graphic Design
  • Bachelor's - Computer Engineering Technology
  • Bachelor's - Computer Information Systems
  • Bachelor's - Computer Information Systems - Business Management
  • Bachelor's - Computer Information Systems - Computer Forensics
  • Bachelor's - Computer Information Systems - Database Management
  • Bachelor's - Computer Information Systems - Information Systems Security
  • Bachelor's - Computer Information Systems - Systems Analysis & Integration
  • Bachelor's - Computer Information Systems - Web Development & Administration
  • Bachelor's - Electronics Engineering Technology
  • Bachelor's - Game and Simulation Programming
  • Bachelor's - Multimedia Design and Development
  • Bachelor's - Network & Communications Management
  • Bachelor's - Network and Communications Management
  • Graduate Certificate-Information Security
  • Graduate Certificate-Information Systems Management
  • Graduate Certificate-Network and Communications Management
  • Graduate Certificate-Wireless Communications
  • Master's-Information Systems Management
  • Master's-Network and Communications Management

Colorado Technical University

  • Bachelors in IT - Network Management
  • Bachelors in IT - Security
  • Bachelors in IT - Software Systems Engineering
  • BSc. in Information Technology - Web Development
  • BSc. in Information Technology - Software Application Programming
  • BSc. in Business Administration - Information Technology
  • Doctorate Computer Science - Executive Format
  • Doctorate of Computer Science - Emerging Media
  • Doctorate of Computer Science - Information Assurance
  • Doctorate of Computer Science - Digital Systems Security
  • Doctorate Computer Science in Enterprise Information Systems - Executive Format

Computers and information technology degrees provide career stability

  • Computer technologies and the Internet continue to grow rapidly and will be around for a long time, which means computer professionals will be needed to create, implement and maintain the technology and software. This makes computer information technology an ideal profession to pursue.
  • In spite of some belief that computer science jobs are all moving to India and China, a recent study showed that employment in the IT industry remains high.
  • Computer science is on the list of 10 top-paying jobs for students graduating in 2011, according to CareerBuilder.
  • A master's degree in computer science is top on a list compiled by Forbes of the best master's degrees for jobs.
  • An online computer degree provides you with job flexibility, enabling you to work for the government, in private organizations or for your own freelance business.

Career options with a computer or information technology degree

  • Computer scientists: Generally requires a PhD. They design new computer technologies.
  • Computer Network, Systems, and Database Administrators: Set-up, diagnose and manage computer networks and systems.
  • Computer and Information Systems Managers: Implement and administer technology in an organization.
  • Computer Software Engineers and Computer Programmers: Design and develop software.

Not all online degrees in computer science or information technology will prepare you for all technology type of jobs. A degree from an accredited school, however, should give you a strong enough foundation in computer hardware, software, programming or a technology skill that you can shift your focus to one of those areas. You may, however, need to take additional coursework, earn another degree, gain hands-on experience through an entry-level job, or obtain professional certifications to become more competitive in a rapidly expanding field with diverse opportunities.

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