Bachelors in Computer Information Systems

by Carolyn
(Chicago, IL)

I am currently in my junior year at Baker College Online and could not be happier with my overall experience. I'm pursuing bachelors in Computer Information Systems degree. The online prep course that all new students must take is a great way to get the student introduced to online learning versus traditional.

Most of the faculty I have encountered have been very helpful and go out of their way to make sure their class is a positive learning experience for all. There have been a small handful of teachers that seemed inexperienced or overly arrogant but that is no different than any other school. The coursework itself is current and thorough which is especially important in the computer industry. The books often have websites to accompany the text with media presentations and additional materials. The gateway used is Blackboard which is easy to follow.

Fellow students come from a wide population base. Most students are adults who are returning to school to earn their degree while working or raising a family full time. There are also soldiers learning from overseas as well as newly graduated high school students.

Online learning opens the door to working adults who otherwise would not have the time to attend school full time while working full time and/or raising a family. The cost is lower and there are no real time requirements which means school work can be done when it fits into one's schedule.

The one thing that online learning requires is self discipline. Classes at Baker are done at an accelerated rate with each class lasting 6 weeks. There is a lot of reading and self-studying required and with such a fast pace, it is easy to fall behind for a procrastinator. There are tutors available for math classes and all instructors will guide students but a lot of self control and discipline is required to stay on track.

Overall I am satisfied with my progress at Baker College online thus far.

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