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by C Smith

Recently, I decided to enroll in an advanced paralegal program. In considering a number of online programs, I decided to enroll in the "Advanced Paralegal Applications" program offered by Penn Foster Career School, for several important reasons.

I work in the music publishing sector and much of the work I do requires knowledge of law and business principles, as well as negotiating licensing and sub-publishing agreements for foreign territories. As such, I completed a paralegal program in 1996, so I could better understand law.

I liked the friendly layout of Penn Foster's website and the concise breakdown of the course.

I was impressed with the affordable price tag for the entire program, which also included text books.

I liked the fact that I could pay for the course with low monthly installments.

Each course module was based on a text book that included a study outline explaining the key points, along with the respective reading assignments and corresponding exams. I also found the graded research and writing projects to be challenging and well put together.

While the program has not been easy, I found that devoting from 4-6 hours a day of independent study was the best approach for me, in order to tackle all of the course materials, graded projects and exams.

I feel that I have learned a great deal from this program and that it superseded all of my expectations. I also feel that it represents an incredible value, insofar as the price point goes, not to mention the educational text books, which will be added to my personal library.

I think Penn Foster has taken distance learning to a very high level and I would definately recommend this program to other paralegals.

If you'd like to know if distance learning is a good fit, you can request more information from Penn Foster Career School and take a look at their programs to help you decide.

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