Online Marketing Degree Programs

Graduate certificates in marketing by distance education

Accredited online marketing degree programs are ideal for learners who want to earn a marketing degree with the convenience and flexibility of online study.

Similar to undertaking the program physically in a campus classroom, as a marketing student, you will be acquiring the skills and knowledge that are essential and can be applied to many businesses, especially during competitive economic times.

These skills include oral and written communication, strategic planning, research and analysis, independent thinking, and teamwork. To be successful in marketing, you should be creative, energetic and comfortable working with people, both coworkers and clients.

Once a business subspecialty, marketing is now a highly specialized career in its own right. Marketing professionals help their organizations understand the customers' needs, and then develop focused communications based upon that research.

Who is suited for an online marketing program?

In addition to having the personal skills listed above, the choice of pursuing your marketing degree or certificate program online should be considered carefully if you want to complete your program successfully. A marketing degree undertaken by distance learning works well for individuals:

  • with demanding schedules that require flexibility, either due to the nature of work, travel or personal obligations
  • who are non-traditional learners, especially those already employed or individuals looking to enhance their professional credentials by earning a degree in marketing in order to get a salary increase, promotion, or a better career opportunity.
  • who have enough self-discipline to work independently and at their own pace, since most of the learning will be self taught.
  • comfortable with using the Internet, computers and technology devices to accomplish learning. You should have in mind that you may be accessing courses through a learning management system, or via a streamed video format and that you may need to scour through online databases to accomplish any research required in any of your courses
  • comfortable spending a large amount of time online, and alone, while reading course material or taking an Internet-based class or lesson.
  • can adhere to fixed time schedules and timelines for when to complete class-work, assignments and submission, exams and the entire course program.

Online marketing degrees and program concentrations

Most of the programs allow you to focus your education by choosing a concentration, such as general marketing, sales management or international marketing. Graduate-level programs will have more management-focused options. Before deciding to specialize, look at the career options for that area, or consider including two separate concentrations. Some of the marketing programs you can take online include:

Featured Colleges with Marketing Online Programs

Strayer University

  • Associates (AA) in Marketing
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Marketing
  • Master of Business Administration/Marketing
  • Executive Graduate Certificate in Business Administration - Marketing

Post University

  • A.S. in Marketing
  • B.S. in Marketing
  • B.S. in Business Administration / Marketing

University of Phoenix

  • B.S. In Business With Marketing Certificate
  • B.S. In Business With Digital Marketing Certificate
  • Master Of Business Administration With A Concentration In Marketing

Northcentral University

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) - Marketing
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Marketing
  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) - Marketing
  • PhD in Business Administration - Marketing

What should you expect from a marketing online program?

Online learning programs are not suitable for everyone. While completing one can quickly prepare you for a career in marketing, this type of learning requires self-discipline and motivation to remain focused throughout the program. Here are a few things you should expect:

  • Technology plays a large part in any online degree program, so you should be comfortable using computers and accessing the Internet. Some schools offer technical assistance for those who have trouble navigating the online system while others may offer little to no technical support.
  • While some schools offer accelerated programs, which allow you to finish your degree more quickly, you should avoid taking more classes than you can handle. Look at your existing commitments and develop a class schedule that will allow you to succeed.
  • The lecturer or professor will not be available at all times to respond to your needs and queries. You may be required to set an appointment for a phone call while others respond to emails on a set schedule.
  • Some coursework may require you to collaborate virtually with your classmates by forming student’s teams, to accomplish a certain assignment or project. This is often done to practice teamwork and the peer grading may be what will determine your final grade, so take such classes seriously!

The bottom line is that, if you want success in your online program, then you should become a committed student who wants and expect results through quality learning. It will be your role to stay focused, committed and aggressive during your course of study. If you choose to be a slacker and attempt to do the minimum to get by, you will likely be less pleased with what you will learn and the online learning experience will not be your best.

Graduates of marketing degree programs work in diverse industries

By graduating from a campus program or through a marketing program by distance learning, you will emerge prepared to work in a variety of industries, including retail, fashion, tourism, manufacturing, music, consumer goods and electronics. Marketing professionals in these industries are involved in coordinating market research, promoting products and services through advertising and promotions, and sometimes handling product development.

You may also work for a marketing services company, a non-profit organization, an educational institution, or the government. Some positions with a marketing degree include; advertising manager, account executive, creative director, public relations and survey research assistant.

Management positions, which often require a master's or an MBA degree in marketing, open up even more options for graduates. These programs focus more on marketing theory and consumer psychology. Overall, there is strong competition for marketing jobs, and college graduates with marketing-related experience, creative minds, and solid communication skills have the best job opportunities.

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