Online Computer Science Degree Programs

Online computer science degree programs equip learners with skills and knowledge to analyze, design, create computer systems, software programs and invent new computer technology that solves business, scientific, and socio-political problems.

Learners also conduct research, work with robotics, and develop theories that lead to new technologies in the high-demand computer science and information technology fields.

Computer science professionals work in one of three main areas: designing software applications, figuring out new ways to use computers, and solving computer problems. Today, these skills are needed in almost every business and industry.

Majority of computer professional’s work with technology companies, others find jobs within the technology department of a company or organization while many apply their passions, interests and skills working for themselves in areas such as programming, building apps and applying technology to solve real-world problems.

Featured Colleges offering Online Computer Science Degrees

Baker College

  • Associate of Applied Science - Computer Programming
  • Associate of Applied Science - Information Technology Support Specialist
  • Associate of Applied Science - Web Development
  • Bachelor of Computer Science - Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Computer Science - Database Technology
  • Bachelor of Computer Science - Game Software Development
  • Bachelor of Computer Science - Mobile Application Software Engineering
  • Bachelor of Information Systems - Information Systems
  • Bachelor of Information Systems - Project Management and Planning
  • Bachelor of Information Technology and Security

University of Liverpool

  • MS in Computer Security
  • MS in Information System Management
  • MS in Information Technology
  • MS in Internet Systems
  • MS in Software Engineering

Colorado Technical University

  • Doctorate Computer Science - Executive Format
  • Doctorate of Computer Science - Emerging Media
  • Doctorate of Computer Science - Information Assurance
  • Doctorate of Computer Science - Digital Systems Security
  • Doctorate Computer Science in Enterprise Information Systems - Executive Format

Online computer science programs and degree levels

It is critical for a learner looking to earn an online degree in computer science to also have strong analysis and problem-solving skills, as well as a background in math.

Associate degree programs in computer science teach basic technical computer skills, computer networking and introductory programming. Learners also get exposed to software applications such as Microsoft office products. They also pick up important skills like problem solving, critical thinking and leadership.

Students in an online bachelors degree program in computer science acquire a broad range of software and computer technology skills. Here they learn about software design and programming languages such as C++ and Java, building software applications, and developing solutions for business problems utilizing technology. While earning this degree, they learn how computer systems work, gain a strong understanding of networking, operating systems and understand firsthand how technology can be applied to specific problems.

In an online masters degree program in compute science, students focus on specific aspects of computer science, such as computer graphics, human-computer interaction, computer networking, information systems security, emerging media, applied algorithms and data structures, scientific computing, or artificial intelligence, among other concentrations. Students gain the skills and knowledge they need to develop effective solutions in their chosen areas of computer science.

A PhD in computer science is required in order to obtain research funding or teach at the university level. Doctoral students conduct research that advances the field of computer science, enabling them to predict trends and make contributions in their areas of expertise.

You can pursue a broad computer science degree or focus on one or more areas. Concentrations allow you to increase the breadth of your computer science degree by focusing on areas such as information technology or information management. Project management is also a very useful concentration, because many computer science professionals end up overseeing software or networking projects.

Since computer science and information technology is a practical field, obtaining industry certifications also adds to your depth of knowledge and expertise. Popular certifications include:

  • Microsoft certifications: Certified Technology Specialist, Certified IT Professional
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional
  • Programming certifications: Advanced Java, .NET, etc.

An excellent career outlook for computer science professionals

Computer scientists apply information and computer theory to computer systems. Because of their broad area of expertise, they can work in many different computer-related positions.

Computer science graduates find positions in robotics, multimedia applications, financial services, telecommunications, software publishing, computer system design, consultation, and data management. Job titles may be computer engineer, systems analyst, database administrator, programmer analyst, information technology manager, systems engineer, web developer, and information technology analyst. They may work for startup businesses, non-profit organizations, major corporations, government, education, or the military.

Related computer degree choices

Computer network administration and management degrees: Network administrators manage the computer networks of businesses and government organizations. They are responsible for installing and monitoring the hardware and software that makes up the organization’s computer network.

Online web development and design degrees: Web developers use Internet technologies and computer programming languages, design elements and animation to create, enhance and manage websites to ensure that they provide an effective experience for users.

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