Political Science Degree Online Programs

Bachelors in political science degrees by distance learning

A political science degree online program provides flexible education while preparing students for a wide variety of jobs in government and education.

Through the study of government and politics, students enrolled in online political science degree programs develop critical thinking, effective communication, and problem-solving skills.

Political science majors study political topics, such as government, comparative politics, constitutional law, international relations, and political theory. In addition, like many liberal arts majors, political science prepares students for a number of entry-level positions. Students learn to research issues, analyze information, and present ideas clearly and logically.

An online political science degree program also trains students to adapt to changes in the workplace, and to understand the ethics of decisions in the workplace.

What to expect from an online political science degree

  • Some online political science degrees are designed as degree completion programs. This means that students need to already have an associate‚Äôs degree in political science or enough general education requirements to apply for the program. Students interested in these programs should verify that their credits are transferable to the online program.
  • Even with the convenience and flexibility of online political science courses, students should expect to spend about three hours a week studying outside of class.
  • Students enrolled in an online political science degree program can use internships to put their skills and knowledge into practice. Some schools may arrange these types of experiential learning, or students can find them through government agencies, political parties, law firms, or business organizations. Internships also provide students with valuable insight into the practical applications of an online political science degree.

What political science online specializations are available?

Students enrolled in political science education via e-learning can choose to specialize in an area of interest. This is useful when students have a specific career path in mind. Some options that are available within the political science degree are pre-law, international relations, public administration, environmental studies and politics, American politics among others. At the degree level, you can pursue a bachelor degree in public administration or masters and PhD degrees in political science, all through distance education.

Featured Online Schools

Walden University

  • BS in Political Science & Public Administration
  • BS in Political Science & Public Administration - Global Issues & Social Justice
  • BS in Political Science & Public Administration - Law & Legal Studies
  • BS in Political Science & Public Administration - Managing in the Public Environment
  • BS in Political Science & Public Administration - Public Service through Civic Engagement
  • BS in Political Science & Public Administration - Social Entrepreneurship

What are some strengths of online degree programs?

A distance education political science degree from an accredited university offers students the same high-quality education as provided by residential programs. Online political science programs also provide students with access to professionally active political scientists, many of whom have published articles and have research grants. Students who are unable to attend a residential program because of work commitments or a disability can benefit from an online political science degree. By learning in an online environment, students develop skills that are essential in the modern workplace, including long-distance collaboration and computer-based presentations.

What are the career options after graduation?

Graduates of traditional and online political science degree programs have access to many types of careers. An obvious career path for graduates is working for local, state and federal government agencies. These jobs include highly-coveted jobs such as working for the White House, CIA, or one of the legislative offices. Many of these jobs are found in Washington, D.C., but the federal government has positions available throughout the country and even in foreign countries.

In addition to government positions, graduates can choose careers in business. The specific job will depend upon the degree and specialization. For example, students with coursework in international political science may find positions working for multinational corporations. Undergraduate degrees in political science also prepare students to apply for law school, or PhD and masters degree political science programs.

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