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Online bachelor degree programs are provided by accredited schools for the benefit of learners who want to earn their undergraduate college education on a flexible schedule.

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Although a traditional bachelors degree with campus attendance takes four years of full-time learning to complete, an online program may take more or less time to complete depending on the specific degree requirements, transfer credits and if the learner is on part-time or full-time study.

Some colleges offer the option of accelerated programs to enable the learner complete their education faster.

You can enroll for a bachelor's program at a traditional college or at an accredited online university - all possible options after high school graduation or upon earning an associates degree.

With a bachelor's degree, you increase your chances for better earning potential and career possibilities; it is also a degree that will allow you to specialize in a field of interest and grant you access to graduate studies.

Why pursue your program online?

Online programs are good alternatives to traditional learning for many reasons. Through online classes, students are able to learn at their own pace without being constricted to the learning speed of their classmates. This, combined with the flexibility of schedule that online schools affords make pursuing a bachelor's education online a very viable option for many students.

One other advantage of online learning is that you are not constrained by geographical location. No matter where you live, you may be able to study at any college of your choice located anywhere in the world. You can access classes at all times from anywhere you are connected to the Internet, which is an invaluable aspect of distance education.

A great benefit that comes from pursuing a degree online is that some of the accredited online schools offer various ways of earning credits that can be applied to your curriculum, as opposed to campus-based colleges. Some programs provide the learner with the option of accelerating the studies, thereby enabling them to complete their coursework in less time than traditional students.

Are programs taken online of the same quality as traditional degrees?

If you are interested in enrolling for a distance learning program, you might be concerned about the quality of education you will receive. The reality is, as an online learner, you will be the one responsible for your own success. This being said, online degrees are designed to offer you the same quality of education received in the classroom if you join a college that is accredited, to ensure the programs meets the set standards for quality among other set criteria.

Many employers and graduate school admission committees also consider online degrees favorably, as students earning their degree through distance education often display more discipline and dedication as well as a better familiarity with technology.

Are online bachelors programs suitable for everyone?

Distance education certainly is not suited for every type of learner and it is important that you understand if you make a good candidate for online learning. Online students often display some set of characteristics:

  • Independence
  • Discipline
  • Dedication
  • Organizational skills

Of course, the list goes on. But the bottom line is that studying online is slightly harder as you do not have the same interaction found in the classroom and also because you will need to organize and plan your study time in order to stay on top of your homework, readings and all that pertains to completing every subject.

What programs are available online?

Just like in traditional campuses, online accredited schools provide different majors and concentrations. As an online learner, you can choose your best program between a Bachelor of Arts (liberal arts), Bachelor of General Studies, Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (combination of courses related to more than one major) and Bachelor of Science (natural sciences and mathematics) and earn the degree completely online. However, certain programs such as a music degree etc. may be harder to complete online due to the nature of the discipline - music students are required to perform, just like applied science students need to execute lab experiments, for example.

Online Bachelor Degree Programs - Specializations

What's next after graduation?

Once you have earned your education, it is up to you to decide what the next step will be. Earning your bachelor's degree can put you on your way to graduate school, where you will be able to undertake your master's degree and move on to a PhD program, for example.

On the other hand, earning this undergraduate degree will also offer you the adequate preparation to enter the workforce. College graduates usually go for entry-level positions in their field of study, which will help them advance in their chosen career path and earn a higher salary.

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