Online Business Degree Programs

Online business degree programs from accredited schools offer students Happy student in class a rigorous education with greater flexibility and lower cost.

While some people remain skeptical of the quality of online business degree programs, the benefits of these once traditional offerings are becoming clear.

Online programs from accredited universities and colleges have similar curriculum, top-notch professors and admissions criteria as residential programs.

In addition, students graduating from business programs can easily demonstrate to employers that they already possess solid online communication and presentation skills.

Coupled with a flexible format and lower costs, an online business degree program is an excellent choice for students interested in increasing their job prospects after graduation.

Who would benefit from a distance learning business degree?

With so many options and levels to choose from, an online business degree program may be the best route for you to begin or to accelerate your career in business. From certificates to MBA degrees, an online program offers value to:

  • working adults who have the discipline to advance their career online,
  • individuals with busy personal and professional lives who may want to complete a degree in less time than a residential program,
  • professionals interested in becoming more valuable to their organization without giving up their current position,
  • motivated individuals who live far from traditional college campuses, but want a rigorous and respected business degree program.

Online business degrees and programs - specializations

Students pursuing a distance learning business degree can select from a wide variety of business-related majors and speciality areas, such as accounting, business management, finance, human resource management, and sales and marketing.

Accredited Distance Learning Business Degrees and Programs

Return on investment from an online business degree program

Not all business degrees are created equal. The curriculum, degree awarded and cost of the program all vary across schools. Most importantly, though, the time it takes for you to see a return on your investment - both time and money - in a business degree depends upon some of the following factors, as well as the reputation of the school you attend. Thus students considering an online certificate or degree program in business should keep the following in mind:

  • Is the program accredited, either regionally or nationally?
  • How much will the program cost? In addition to tuition, be sure to include the cost of school fees, computer equipment and software, and books to see if it’s really affordable.
  • How long is the program? Is there an accelerated version that will save you time and money?
  • If it's a PhD program in business or doctor of business administration (DBA), does it require face-to-face residency in addition to online classes?
  • What is the reputation of the school? Will the program be looked upon favorably by employers? Look for reviews of schools and programs from previous students who earned their business degree online and see what they have to say about the college they attended and the degree program.

Career options with a business dgree or certificate

The greatest number of bachelor's degrees awarded in 2009 were in business, with education leading slightly ahead of business for master's degrees, according to the U.S. Department of Education. Business is a broad field, with many options for careers after graduation. Business majors, however, all graduate with solid skills that prepare them for a number of entry-level positions, or mid-management positions for graduate degrees.

Among the many possible entry-level positions for business majors, three of the most popular provide graduates skills that will ensure a long career in business:

  • business consultant
  • financial analyst
  • management trainee

Graduates with a PhD in business emerge prepared for teaching or consulting roles in the fields of business administration and management, leadership, marketing, information technology, and other specialized areas.

With a solid understanding of business operations, as well as strong quantitative and reasoning skills, business graduates can select from a number of careers. Business programs also provide learners with experience that employers seek out -research, writing, presentation, analysis and working cooperatively. In fact, according to Forbes magazine, 57% of business school graduates had a job several months before graduation in 2011, up from 40% in 2010.

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