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An accredited online nutrition degree prepares students for a career in helping people to improve their health through nutrition.

Building on a foundation in the basic sciences and general education courses, nutrition programs provides students with an understanding of the role of nutrition in maintaining health. This includes learning how to assess the nutritional needs of people, designing nutritional programs, and evaluating a person's nutritional progress.

The program also provides students with an understanding of psychology in order to see how psychological factors affect food choices. In addition, students will learn practical skills for providing nutritional services to people as a nutritionist or dietician.

Strengths of pursuing a nutritionist degree via online learning

An online nutrition degree or dietician degree program provides students with a rich learner-centered environment. The course materials, assignments, and schedules are designed to benefit students who prefer a distance-based format, such as working adults and individuals with personal commitments. Online learning encourages discussions between students and instructor. Students also gain extensive experience in navigating the Internet, conducting online research and using computer collaboration and presentation tools. All of these will serve them well in their career.

What to expect from a nutrition degree online program

  • The course requirements for an associate‚Äôs and bachelors nutritionist degree online may not always overlap. This means that students who complete an online associates degree in nutrition may not be able to apply all of their courses toward a bachelor's degree program.
  • Several national nutritional organizations -- such as the American Dietetic Association -- offer certification in nutrition. Not all nutrition programs offered by distance learning lead to certification as a Registered Dietician (R.D.). These certifications may not be required to obtain state licensure, but demonstrate proficiency as a nutritionist or dietician.
  • Licensure requirements vary by state. In some states, only licensed dieticians or nutritionists can work. Students should review the requirements for the state in which they wish to work before deciding on a program.
  • Schools offering nutrition degrees online may also have career services available. These can include online resources for job searches, advisors to provide assistance, and programs for finding volunteer or internship opportunities.

Featured Colleges with Online Nutrition Degrees and Programs

Kaplan University

  • Bachelor's in Nutrition Science
  • Bachelor's in Health and Wellness
  • Bachelor's in Health Science

Ashworth University

  • Nutrition Specialist Certificate
  • Nutrition, Diet and Health Certificate

Focus your career with a nutrition specialization

Many specializations exist within the field of nutrition. Applied nutrition is a practical concentration that prepares students for careers as dieticians. This may include options such as sports nutrition, public health nutrition, food studies, or wellness. Nutrition science prepares students for additional studies, such as in nursing or medicine. A nutrition and food industries concentration leads to employment in food product research and development.

Career options

Nutrition education prepares students for a career as a dietician, nutritionist, or related position. Clinical nutritionists work in hospitals or doctors' offices, and provide nutritional counseling to patients with diseases. Community nutritionists focus on helping communities stay healthy through food choices. Nutritionists may also be involved in research programs in government organization, food industries, or at universities.

The number of positions available for nutritionists and dieticians is expected to grow at an average pace, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Graduates with an advanced degree or additional certifications will have the strongest job potential. Those who specialize -- in areas such as nutrition for diabetics or the elderly -- will have more options. Some of the best locations for employment are in physicians' offices, food service management companies, or outpatient care facilities.

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