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Graduates of online certificate programs and courses qualify for entry-level positions in a wide variety of fields, such as accounting, graphic design, and office management, as well as executive positions, such as leadership management.

Certification programs teach specialized skills that can help you update your overall skill set or pursue focused knowledge in an area of interest. In addition, online certificate programs enable participants to meet specific requirements for professional certification in fields such as management, financial planning, teaching and healthcare.

Individuals who have already earned college degrees are pursing online certificate programs in professional and vocational subjects in order to show their employers that they possess the specific skills they need to stay current in their field.

Online certificate programs are available in most subjects, including the fields of design, healthcare, business, and information technology (IT). Compared to degree programs, which tend to be more generalized, online certificate programs equip the learner with a specific, necessary set of skills. As a result, the knowledge and skills you acquire from an online certificate program will help you stand out from the competition. Add to the fact that online certificate programs offer flexibility to learners who are trying to balance the demands of their school, career and family lives, and it's easy to see why online degree programs are such a popular choice.

Colleges with Online Certificate and Certification Programs

DeVry University

  • Graduate Certificate - CPA Preparation
  • Graduate Certificate - Educational Technology
  • Graduate Certificate E-Commerce Management
  • Graduate Certificate-Accounting
  • Graduate Certificate-Business Administration
  • Graduate Certificate-Curriculum Leadership
  • Graduate Certificate-Education Leadership
  • Graduate Certificate-Educational Technology Leadership
  • Graduate Certificate-Entrepreneurship
  • Graduate Certificate-Financial Analysis
  • Graduate Certificate-Health Services Management
  • Graduate Certificate-Human Resource Management
  • Graduate Certificate-Information Security
  • Graduate Certificate-Information Systems Management
  • Graduate Certificate-Network and Communications Management
  • Graduate Certificate-Project Management
  • Graduate Certificate-Wireless Communications
  • Graduate Certificate-Educational Management, Education Corporation/Corporate Training Divisions

Online Teaching Certificate Programs

Online teaching certification programs are an excellent option for learners who already have a bachelor's degree and want to qualify for state teacher certification. If you are in the midst of changing careers or are currently working as a substitute teacher, online teacher certification will allow you to complete the required course work at your own pace, without having to attend traditional classes.

With online teaching certification programs you can satisfy your required field placement in the location where you live or work. You don't have to travel to the location of your online school to complete your student teaching assignment.

Post-Graduate & Graduate Certificate Programs

Post-graduate and graduate certificate programs are ideal for learners who have already earned their master's or bachelor's degree and want to gain mastery of a specific topic. If you already have an undergraduate or graduate degree, a graduate certificate or post-graduate certificate program may be just what you need to advance your career.

Popular graduate certificate programs available online include educational technology, information security, financial analysis, electronic commerce management, clinical investigation, college testing, addiction counseling, and management of nonprofit agencies.

Graduate certificate programs are not the equivalent of a graduate degree program. However, some schools allow students to apply credits from graduate certificate programs toward graduate degrees.

Online certificate programs allow you to advance your education and acquire the specific skills and information you need to further your career.

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