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A paralegal degree online program provides students with broad knowledge and practical skills to prepare them for a variety of legal careers.

Online paralegal courses and degrees train students to enter the world of law. Students study common legal areas, such as family, criminal, and civil law. They learn how to conduct research using online databases like Westlaw and LexisNexis.

They develop practical skills, including interviewing clients, writing legal briefs, and drafting deposition summaries. They learn the role of contracts in the legal industry. All of these skills prepare students to work as knowledgeable and effective assistants to attorneys.

Who is an online paralegal program best suited for?

If you are looking to begin, or advance, your law career, there is an online program to help you achieve your goals. Paralegal degree online programs are ideal for:

  • Learners who can't afford the time or are constraint by distance, to attend physical-campus paralegal classes.
  • Current legal staffers interested in qualifying for certification or designation as a paralegal without leaving their current job to attend school.
  • Individuals with an associate's or bachelor's degree in another area who want to start a paralegal career through a convenient fast-paced paralegal program.
  • Professionals, who deal with legal issues, but require a broader understanding of the legal process without a lengthy degree program.
  • Students preparing for law school who are interested in learning in a self-paced format.

What paralegal degrees and specialties are available?

Paralegal degrees cover a wide range of legal topics. This prepares students for a number of different fields. Some paralegal schools may also offer the option to specialize in areas such as dispute resolution, personal injury or others.

Featured Schools with Online Paralegal Degrees & Courses

Kaplan University

  • A.A.S. in Paralegal Studies
  • Bachelors in Legal Studies
  • Bachelors in Paralegal Studies
  • Masters in Criminal Justice - Law
  • MS in Legal Studies
  • MS in Legal Studies - Education and the Legal System
  • MS in Legal Studies - Health Care Delivery
  • MS in Legal Studies - Legal System and the Media
  • MS in Legal Studies - State and Local Government

Virginia College

  • Associate degree in Paralegal studies
  • Bachelors degree in Paralegal studies

What are the benefits of a paralegal degree taken via elearning?

One of the advantages of online programs is the flexibility and convenience of web-based learning. Not all online paralegal programs, however, are alike. Some online paralegal programs are designed to allow students to work at their own pace. Reading assignments, coursework, and exams are all done according to the student’s own schedule. Other programs offer a more structured approach, with online class sessions held at regular times. In both cases, instructors are available to offer online support through email and discussion boards.

Online paralegal courses, legal degrees and programs offer opportunities for students to practice legal skills in an interactive setting. For example, after researching issues and preparing legal briefs, students can present their results in an online workspace. The instructor and other students review and critique the assignment. This enables students to improve their paralegal skills in a safe environment. Rather than sitting at the back of a classroom as with traditional programs, students are drawn into the practical applications of law.

Where else can you test drive an academic program before you sign up? Some paralegal programs enable you to preview the online technology and course content. Through this, you will gain an understanding of the extensive resources available from an online paralegal program: customized texts, workbooks, and legal databases. In addition, these programs use online tools to help you study for course exams. Some programs also offer preparation for the National Certified Legal Assistant/Paralegal Examination (CLA/CP Exam).

What is the career potential with a paralegal degree or certificate?

As law firms and the legal departments of corporations look to cut costs, they will rely more on paralegals to carry out tasks once handled by attorneys. Paralegals -- also known as legal assistants -- still work under the direction of lawyers, but they handle many duties, with the exception of things like giving legal advice and arguing cases in court. Still, paralegals have become indispensable members of the legal community. In particular, they are responsible for research and the drafting of documents related to cases. While most paralegals start in entry-level positions, as they develop new skills they can quickly earn advancement.

A paralegal education enables graduates to seek jobs in many organizations, including law firms, government agencies, businesses, and politics. As more people move into this field, competition will increase. Paralegals with formal training -- such as through an accredited online paralegal program -- will have the best opportunities for rewarding careers.

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