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Doctorate degrees online earned through accredited schools are as valuable as traditional programs. The steps to a doctoral degreeWhen you earn this academic honor, you show that you have mastered a particular topic and, through research, have extended human knowledge. Having a doctorate degree earns you:

  • honor in your private life,
  • the prestige of being considered an expert in your field,
  • more chances to advance your career, your financial benefits, and your research opportunities.

How long does it take to complete?

Online doctorate degree coursework can take anywhere from two to four years. Besides the courses, the degree may include an internship, a practicum, a comprehensive exam, and research to write and defend the doctoral thesis. The thesis shows a student's own original research and thought.

Doctoral students may complete their programs in less time through distance learning, depending on if their study is full-time or part-time. Some programs take only two years.

Popular types of doctoral degrees

The PhD - Doctor of Philosophy - is still one of the most popular doctorate degree both on campus or online. The most common doctorates that you can earn online are in the areas of business, management, psychology, education, human services, and technology. Here is a list of the popular programs:

  • DA. Doctor of Art of Administration
  • DD. Doctor of Divinity
  • DBA. Doctor of Business Administration
  • EdD. Education Doctorate
  • DPA. Doctor of Public Administration
  • EngD. Engineering Doctorate
  • PsyD. Psychology Doctorate
  • DHum. Doctor of Humanities
  • JD. Juris Doctor / Doctorate in Law

Accredited Online Doctorate Programs - Specializations

Are online doctoral programs completed entirely online?

Some doctoral programs may be completed 100% online. However, most online doctorate degrees require a face-to-face residency. These residencies may take place on campus or at other set venues.

Hybrid doctoral programs combine online study with attendance in a real world classroom. Students spend some time on campus during the program. Some programs call for an internship either on campus, within your community, or at a place of your choice. You defend your doctoral dissertation and attend your graduation ceremony on campus. Ask the online school of your choice how much time you must spend on campus.

Is studying online for you?

Doctorate degree online programs work best for independent learners who need or want flexibility. Those with an established career often do not wish to take time off work. Others simply prefer to study on their own due to busy schedules or family obligations.

To succeed in an online doctorate program, students must be self-motivated and able to learn with little or no supervision. Be sure to choose an accredited university. Confirm a college's accreditation by using the US Department of Education or Council on Higher Education Accreditation's databases.

Next steps after graduation

Once you earn your doctorate degree, a wide range of opportunities open. First, you need a doctorate to begin many careers. A clinical psychologist is one such career. Second, a doctorate allows you to publish in academic journals, consult, participate in research, speak at conferences, or teach at a university. A doctorate degree offers personal growth and development even if it does not necessarily mean more money.

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