Associates in Business Management Accounting

by Dawn
(Mastic, NY)

I previously attending the University of Phoenix where I pursued Associates in Business Management - Accounting. The coursework that I was given was challenging but not impossible to complete. I was taking 2 classes per term.

The quality was excellent. I have attended a traditional classroom for college courses and the online atmosphere at the University of Phoenix does come close.

I took many classes at the University of Phoenix and it all depended on the particular instructor and how quickly they responded. Some of my instructors responded to questions within the hour, while some took days to respond.

The faculty and administration was very supportive. They constantly check in with you to ask if you have any questions and just let you know that they are there if you need them. You will receive emails and phone calls from them. Interacting with students is great. You can talk with them via the discussion boards and the virtual office or chat room and there is always their personal email or school Inbox.

University of Phoenix has an online library, a writing center and math center. You can submit your writing assignments before you turn them in to your professor for a grade and someone will review it and edit your paper and give you tips on how to improve.

Distance learning is great if you are on a tight schedule. You can access classes at any time during the week and assignments are spaced out enough where you know ahead of time so there is plenty of time to plan ahead. The cost is higher than a traditional setting but the convenience of online learning more than makes up for the extra expense.

Stay Focused and Succeed

One important piece of advice for someone looking to start an online class is that you have to be extremely focused. You have to give yourself time to plan and set up a schedule. It is flexible but you need to make sure not to leave everything for the last minute. It is very easy to jump off track while learning online. I succeeded with my courses at University of Phoenix because I stay focused on my studies.

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