Associates in Criminal Justice

by Amber R
(Ozark, Missouri, United States)

I am currently a student with University of Phoenix in their Associate in Criminal Justice program. My experience so far has been positive. It not only allows me flexibility in scheduling, but also allows me to pursue the degree I wish to obtain.

The enrollment process was simple. I had to request a new enrollment counselor initially because my first one was not working with me, but once they gave me someone new I had no troubles whatsoever. The finance counselor was very straightforward and helpful as well. The tuition for this school is high, but there are many grants, loans, and other options that they will discuss with you.

My first two classes were fairly simple, and the instructors were very helpful anytime I had a question regarding the material or assignments. The second two classes were much harder and required more time to study and complete assignments. These classes are not simple and you do have to put forth an effort. I was surprised that an on line learning environment offered so much of an intellectual challenge.

The academic counselor is polite and helpful and is always available whenever I need help. He discussed the options I would have for law school after I obtained my degree, including which law schools would not take my degree. I was very impressed that he was so honest. He has also been available for questions that have come up during the course of my classes.

Overall, I would definitely recommend University of Phoenix to another person looking to get their degree in an on line environment. I would offer the advice that you MUST be self motivated and willing to put forth an effort if you are going to enroll and succeed in this school.

Request information from University of Phoenix to learn more about their online programs to help you decide.

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