Associates in Graphic Design Degree

by Tiffany Davis
(Falconer, NY, USA)

I am a Part-Time student at Art Institute of Pittsburg Online Division in which I am obtaining my Associates in Graphic Design Degree in 2010. Being able to attend college part-time online not only gives me to spend time with my three children, but I am able to continue my education without the daycare, gas, and other costs that is needed to continue my education.

At the Art Institute of Pittsburg, I find that the classes I am taking are fairly simple and the teachers are really great. When attending college online, whether it is full-time or part-time, they require you to login 4-5 days a week so that you can keep up with your classes. Each course that you can access through your Campus Common will have its own requirements that must be met in order to pass that course.

You will find lectures both online, and through the text books that you will have to order in advance, along with any other necessities. For those of us who are having problems in a certain course, Arts Institute of Pittsburg offers a variety of solutions for you to be able to get the help that you need. Such solutions are Tutoring Courses, Software Tutorials, Technical Support that is offered 24/7, and your teacher will offer you their email, phone, course link, and Live Chat.

My classmates are very supportive in their help as well, by offering positive critiques to help encourage you. Homework with online courses is very simple as well! With most of my work that I have taken so far, I just scan/use my camera, post, and viola! Then just respond to anyone that critiques my work, as well as critique my classmates – there’s my grade! At the end of each course we will have one final test that is usually a big chunk of your grade; no other tests are required. It’s that easy!

When you are taking College Courses online, there is so much going on that is normally settled face-to-face with your advisors, etc. However, with Distance Learning, this can not be done; the Campus Common is a great source for everything. A student can get copies of their transcripts, order text & software, accept or change classes, view their Financial-Aid, and I have had great fun using the AIO Community.

AIO Community is where all of the Alumni’s get together in different interest groups and chat about their day, their school work, jobs, religion, local jobs, etc; many great friends are met here. I would recommend any individual who is thinking about attending school online a must. AIO has helped me meet my needs as a full-time parent, as well as allowing me to obtain my degree with little costs. Being able to attend AIO part-time, I am able to have 2 courses per semester, get financial aid given back to me, as well as being able to handle all course work at my demands.

You can request free information from Art Institute of Pittsburg and learn about their online programs to help you decide.

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