Associates in Information Technology - Visual Communications

by Judith Wilson Burkes
(Baltimore, MD - USA)

After 22 years, I returned to school through Axia college - the online arm of University of Phoenix to pursue an online associates degree in information technology - visual communications.

I had been to five brick-and-mortar schools previously, but due to health issues, could not finish a degree. Maybe because they know you are online and can't see them, they work extra hard to see that everything works for you. I learned so much from not only the instructors, but from the varied student body.

The coursework is laid out easily, but their teaching methods have gone through a change. In order to keep up with current topics, especially within information technology, the syllabi is now instructor-driven. This allows for interesting, new topics to be discussed, while cutting down on the online assignments. UOP has also added a virtual desktop to ensure that every student has the latest software and ability to complete the assignments. This is a great improvement from before, where individual software had to be purchased that may not necessarily match the instruction.

Though working with instructors online is not for everyone, I found the experience to be invigorating. In fact, I have kept in contact with at least one instructor after finishing my degree. Administratively, UOP works hard to keep up the rapport. My academic counselor became a good friend, and my financial advisors were always quick with answers for my questions.

The research materials available through UOP is very good. I never felt that I had to look anywhere beyond the university library for information on my projects. In addition, the cost of UOP for an Associate's degree is very reasonable. Online learning with UOP fits my lifestyle perfectly, allowing me to complete a degree even with physical and visual limitations.

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