Associates in PC Maintenance Technology

by Amy Schiller
(Denmark, WI, USA)

I am currently a student at Penn Foster Career School's College, pursuing an Associates Degree in PC Maintenance Technology. A student with this school must be able to learn independently. With the ability to study when I am able to, it fits my needs perfectly.

The coursework for this school is mostly done by a person from his/her home with text books and materials provided by mail. It is great for someone who likes a quiet, independent learning environment. For help, a student may contact an instructor via telephone or student services through Penn Foster's online website. Some courses require an internship to complete and college courses exams require a proctor.

The learning materials are very informative and filled with information needed to finish the course. They teach very many items related to the career one is pursuing. I even find some of my course materials challenging at times that I have to read through the book a few times to absorb everything.

The online website has an online library, access to test answer submission pages, a job search board, access to a PDF of the text books in case the original is lost, test scores, communication with student services and other services. I, so far, have used the online test submission form, the library as required by my course, communications to student services, the PDF of a text book, and have looked up my test scores. It is great to have access to what I need on the site.

The greatest part of the course besides the ease of study is the cost which is much lower than other colleges. An Associate Degree program costs only about $4,000, thus no scholarship necessary for this great price!

I suggest anyone who needs a low priced, self paced course to try Penn Foster Career School.

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