Associates in the Art of Psychology

by Melissa McDonald
(Norfolk, Va)

I am currently attending the University of Phoenix online. The learning experience was weird not being in a classroom, but I would say I liked it more when I joined. You could move at your own pace.

The online associates in the art of psychology coursework is challenging, but not to where you are confused. Everything is spelled out clearly when given an assignment. There is a good bit of reading and writing. The materials used seem to be very credible and interesting. I would say the quality of the courses and learning materials are equal to a regular classroom.

All the instructors in every class I have had are helpful and committed to each student's success. If you don't understand something, they will explain it. You can ask right in the discussion forum for your class, via e-mail, or directly at home. The administration is very supportive as well. They call at least once a week to make sure everything is going ok and to ask if I have any questions. I do have interaction with other students through the chat room forum and the main forum where we participate in discussions.

This college even offers tools like a math center, writing guides, and their own library.

Distance learning fits my needs because I am a military wife with two small kids and I need flexibility. The cost is lower as well too. This also helps out a lot and they offer a military discount.

My overall feeling about University of Phoenix online is that it was a good choice. It is nationally accredited, so you can transfer your credits to almost any school you want, even overseas. The only tip I would give is that if you need hands on learning to learn, then this is not for you.

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