Bachelor degree in Accounting at University of Phoenix Online

by Veronica Ferguson
(Phoenix AZ)

I am attending University of Phoenix Online for my bachelor degree in Accounting. I am scheduled to complete the program at the end of May 2009.

My learning experience has been interesting. I have enjoyed the opportunity to attend school as it fits my personal and business schedule. I most likely would not have pursued my degree had it not been for online school. University of Phoenix has a very organized policy and structure to the degree program completion requirements so the experience is similar to classroom instruction just without the hassle of conflicting schedule of work and family responsibilities.

All of the instructors are helpful but there are some that are stricter in their expectations. If there is a problem with a class, academic advisors are a good support to turn to. Even though there is no physical interaction with fellow students, the online class sets up groups of teams so there is the virtual communication of student to student.

One obstacle for distance education for some could be financial but with the option for financial aid, I am able to get my school completed and not worry about how its going to be paid. Online courses are more expensive than regular classes so looking for additional financial resources was needed and available through the school. It has been good for me and while some struggles have been presented to me with several classes and at times instructors, I would definitely recommend this method of distance learning for the busy active adult.

You can request information from University of Phoenix to learn more about their online degree programs.

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