Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice Online

by Richard
(Dallas, TX)

I began studying for my Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice through University of Phoenix Online back in 2004 to get a degree in Criminal Justice. I dunno, it seemed like the thing to do at the time. My story follows.

In pursuing a degree I knew that I needed to have flexible hours that a standard traditional university just could not offer. So I looked up University of Phoenix online criminal justice degree, and thought, why not.

The curriculum was very self-paced and the professors were able to answer all of my questions, sometimes almost instantaneously. The grading process seemed very fair and I never had issues anytime during the correspondence coursework. When I initially began I was afraid that the website might stop working when I needed it most, which is common on a lot of websites when working with files over the web. But with University of Phoenix Online this was never the case. I never experienced any downtime with my courses nor any glitches in the system or coursework.

So all that said, I was happy to finally achieve my degree in Criminal Justice. I currently work in the Computer Security field in Dallas, TX and I'm happy that I was able to get my degree online.

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