Bachelors in Business Management

by Veroisa
(Kensington, MD)

I completed my bachelors in business management degree in April, 2009 and I am very satisfied with the results. I feel confident of what I learned and that the cost for my bachelors in business is worth it, of course is expensive but UoP is very convenient for working adults who want to acquire an education.

The price could seem high but it saves time; do your math, add all extra fees that other institutions charge and you will see that there is not much of a difference.

Books are very expensive, with UoP you have access to all books for about US$75.00, you decide if you want to save your books in your computer, and print the material you need.

The content of each class is well developed and is hard. You need to have good time management skills to do all reading, and writing in order to comply with all homework and participation required for each course. Contrary to traditional schools, in online you have the opportunity to read and learn a bit more about how your classmates understand and apply the concepts learned in each course. I was not a straight A student; meaning that classes were not as easy as others have commented.

The only complaint I had while attending UoP was the learning teams, given the case that this represents 30% of your grade; and sometimes there are some people who just don't want to participate. Still, if you attend a traditional school you also have teamwork assignments. Well, I decided to take the best of this experience; I was clear with my teammates with the fact that whoever did not participate his or her name would not appear on the cover, therefore those students did not get credit for the project, as simple as that.

This school might have its problems just like any other traditional school and other online institutions, but is a very good school. I believe most of people who have complained about this university had a different idea of online education, and they never thought that online programs could be as demanding as UoP programs are. In regard to instructors, you will find good and bad even in the best universities of the country. All the instructors I had were excellent, except for a couple; I was always able to communicate with them over the phone, via email; and through my personal folder.

Same goes for counselors and/or administrative personnel with whom you need to work during your life as a student; you will find good and bad. I had my same academic advisor for all of my classes; she was always able for me and responded to my phone or email messages as soon as she could, when I did not have an answer from her, I was able to speak with another person. My financial advisor only changed twice in a four year period. I always received accurate information in regard to my financial situation; my advisors always contacted me before a new class was about to start to make sure I was clear on how to start my classes.

If you are thinking about going back to school do it, work hard and do not blame an institution for your failure, regardless if you attend a traditional or an online school is your responsibility to comply with the program; and to make the best of it.

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