Bachelors in Network Communication Management

by Chris Sass
(Woodstock, IL USA)

DeVry University has a fairly well developed online learning program.

Upon logging into your online class you are greeted with DeVry's online class front-end. The front-end is very user friendly and in no time you will be up and running with your online classes.

The coursework is well laid out and the units are easy to follow. The rules for things like posting in the discussion area and submitting homework vary widely by teacher, and with these variances between teachers a student with many classes can easily become lost in the dates different things are due for different teachers. And of course like all online degrees your grade is largely dependent on how self disciplined you are. There were group chats were users could use their microphones to chat with both the teacher and other students, these were usually bi-weekly and in the mid-late evening.

The coursework was of high quality and easily accessible. The same could be said of the teachers.

For someone attending a degree in a IT related field I would not recommend trying to achieve your degree through strictly online classes. For those in pursuing a degree in the IT field these online courses do make a good supplement to your standard classroom based courses. But, for a degree that doesn't explicitly require any hands on work online classes are a great option for those looking to save time and money while going to college.

Request free information to learn more about DeVry University online programs and see if they're a good fit for you.

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