Bachelors of Information Technology Visual Communications

by Steve

The University of Phoenix is a hit or miss kind of school. The majority of the teachers are business professionals that will do their best to try to help you. However, you will just have to be careful to avoid some teachers who are not very helpful.

The coursework was difficult enough that you can tell that you are not involved in another diploma mill. The learning experience was top-notch in most of the classes. The ability to learn from the expanse of other professionals taking the same courses as you is a unique experience. Not only are you given academic learning but you can also gain valuable experience from people who have already been where you are trying to go.

The University of Phoenix administrative staff is very helpful. In fact, when you begin going to the University, you are assigned to a particular counselor that will call you as often as you like.
You are given access to a variety of tools including a full university online library, math labs, and a variety of professional mentors. The financial aid department is incredibly helpful, not only do they provide information about getting your funding completed but they will also walk you through the papers in order to get your full financial funding possible.

Overall, I believe the University of Phoenix is a good institution that actually cares about your success. They are fully accredited, unlike many online schools. Some of the teachers are a bit shoddy but otherwise the experience was very valuable and has put me on the road to achieving my goals.

You can request information to learn more about University of Phoenix online programs to help you decide for yourself.

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