Masters in Information Systems Management at UOP

by Charlotte H.
(Hedgesville, WV)

I finished my Master's degree in Information Systems/Management on 9/2006. This was my first online degree experience and I would recommend it to anyone seeking a good program. I found the UOP portal very easy to use and you can count on quality help desk support if you need it (like if you cannot log in or make a section work). The feature I liked the best was the library, to which you get lifetime access as an alumni, because it provides with access to a wide range of periodicals. The "Ask a Librarian" feature in the library was a life saver many times.

I had to take 13 courses to achieve my degree, with most of them being well-organized and easy to follow. However, this depends on the professor. I had 12 good professors and 1 bad one. The bad professors are the ones that provide poorly written syllabus and unclear requirements. My favorite class was Project Management and my professor was so amazing that I am now pursuing my PMP certification.

About the hardest aspect of online learning at UOP is dealing with fellow students, as most classes required that you work in teams. Getting everyone to agree on meeting times and work distribution can be very challenging. Then, there are the slackers that want to just cruise along. Beware of the slacker and make sure you notify your professor at once if you encounter a teammate that does not perform his/her work. The only concern about UOP is the cost. You can get into some heavy duty debt, so I encourage everyone to apply for grants to reduce the student loan amounts. Even UOP provides opportunities for grants, if you are willing to write an essay. I would recommend my degree to any IT worker that wants to move into management positions.

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