Masters in Special Education Online

by Wendy Kulpa
(Burgess, VA)

I am currently pursuing my masters degree in Special Education through University of Phoenix online. I have been enrolled in the program for nine months now, and have taken classes continuously.

The coursework is challenging, but by no means impossible. University of Phoenix really does try to cater to the needs of the working student. At times I have felt overwhelmed by the amount of work required. I do realize, though, that if I were to take courses at a local college I would be far more overwhelmed due to the classroom time involved. I really enjoy being able to spend time working on my coursework as it becomes available to me.

The cost for University of Phoenix is very similar to that of most other masters degree programs. The textbooks are e-texts, and while this may work well for some, I find myself printing the entire text for each class. The financial aid department is helpful, but impossible to get on the phone. Phone messages get returned, but only after a couple of days.

Although much of the coursework is done independently, each course requires some work completed in small learning groups. This can be frustrating when some members do not pull their weight, but on the whole I have found the learning groups to be very positive.

Thus far I have been very pleased with the University of Phoenix online. Though much of my learning has been independent, I have never felt alone in my journey!

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