Online Associate and Bachelors in Business Administration

by Carolyn Jackson
(Detroit, MI)

I am currently attending CTU online and I am loving it. I recently completed my Associate's program and have just started my Bachelor's coursework.

Initially I was afraid of the entire concept of an online school but it has proven to be very convenient and a pleasant learning environment. The convenience of listening live to the professors or listening to the archived chats is not only amazing but works so well with my work schedule. At times I have to work overtime and miss my scheduled chat session but unlike missing a physical class session, I can simply listen to the recording and I am up to speed on the assignment.

The coursework is fast paced, only 5 1/2 weeks for each class, but so much learning is crammed in that small amount of time. The professors surely keep you on your toes but because of the pace, they are always more than willing to work with any and all students. They completely understand that sometimes life happens in the middle of those precious 5 1/2 weeks but I have never experienced a rude, uncooperative faculty member. Everyone is so approachable and friendly.

The fact that books are included in the tuition is a god-send. I don't have to worry about going to the bookstore or searching for a cheap textbook online. About 2 weeks before my class starts, I receive a package with all my brand new text books. And the ones that are not a physical book are located on my electronic bookshelf and I am able to use them throughout my time at CTU. How cool is that?

At first I was really scared about going back to school, even a little embarrassed. However, the friendliness of the faculty and my fellow students made the transition easy and a pleasant surprise. I would recommend CTU to anyone looking to go back to school and get their degree.

You can request free information from Colorado Technical University and find out for yourself if their online degree programs are a good fit for you.

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