Online Bachelors degree in Business Management

by Andrea Carrillo
(Sylmar, CA)

I have been attending the UOP Axia online classes for a little over 6 months now and I absolutely love it. I have already completed 18 units towards my bachelors degree in Business Management, and I am still able to work full time and spend time with family. Each class is 9 weeks and you take 2 classes at a time. Each week you have assignments that are due on different days. You also have discussion questions that are due on 2 different days of the week.

You need to log into your classes at least 3 times a week to participate in discussions. At first this was a little hard for me because I hated joining in on the discussions, but the more you discuss with your classmates the more you learn. The teacher also joins in on the discussion with you. So far I have really improved on my writing skills. The UOP offers the Center for Writing Excellence which allows you to submit a paper for feedback on grammar errors and plagiarism. The CWE has been extremely helpful.

So far all of the professors have been extremely helpful and always answer any questions quickly. When you submit your work your professor grades it and returns your work with your grade and any feedback they may have. A few times I failed to participate in discussion(which you lose points for) and my professor told me she was going to try everything possible to get me to participate. She would ask me questions during discussion just to get me to participate.

You also have interaction with your fellow classmates during discussions and can also email them at any time if you have questions. There is a chat room that you can also log into and have friendly discussions. The website is very easy to navigate and you can log in from any computer that has internet. The website has an online library with thousands of resources. I rarely had to use any resources outside of their library.

Distance learning is great for anyone that has a busy lifestyle. I am so glad I decided to attend the UOP. Financial aid has covered all costs but will need to be repaid after I get my degree. The cost is the same as attending a California state! I definitely recommend UOP online courses especially if you have kids and don't want to spend most of your time in a classroom!

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