Online Bachelors in Communications

by Jodi J
(Parsons, KS, USA)

I started working on my online bachelors in communications through the University of Phoenix two years ago. I try to carry at least 9 hours of course work a semester, and work a full time job.

Overall I am pretty happy with the people at the University of Phoenix, they really seem to care and work hard to answer whatever questions I have. It takes a while to work through the financial aid part of the process so if you want or need that, don't put it off. I did and missed a whole semester because I could not come up with the money for the classes on my own.

With regard to the actual coursework, it took some time getting used to, but I learned to do the online class work and never had any problems with the computer or their software. The teachers are all pretty cool and will help you in any way they can. My advisor has been a big help in planning what classes to take so that I don't have too much homework or research stuff since I need to keep my job while I do this. I have about half the credits I need and expect to finish in about a year and half.

Overall I would recommend the University of Phoenix to anyone that is self disciplined to do the work they need to.

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