Online Associates Degree in Accounting Programs

An online associates degree in accounting has never been more useful, due to the increasing demand for qualified, competent accountants and earning an associate degree in accounting online ensures you get the entry-level skills to pursue this career or use your credentials to further your education with a business bachelors degree.

In addition, accounting can be an extremely challenging discipline to master, as there are many competencies to master in order to become qualified. However, a career in accounting can also be very rewarding, both in terms of job satisfaction and financial gain.

Earning an associate degree in accounting online program allows you to gain competitive qualifications while continuing to work. It is this type of versatility that makes online learning perfect for those who wish to take their career in a new direction while still balancing the demands of work and family.

Online accounting courses do away with the need to attend classes, allowing you to study when it suits your schedule. In addition, you can continue to develop your career in the office, and maintain the valuable contacts you've gained in the business world, while acquiring new skills in your free time.

Featured Online Associates Degree in Accounting Colleges

The following colleges offer quality online associates degrees in accounting, among other programs.

University of Phoenix

  • Associate of Arts in Accounting Foundations

Keiser University

  • Associate of Arts in Accounting

DeVry University

  • Accounting Associate Degree

Liberty University

  • AA in Accounting

Colorado Technical University

  • A.S. in Accounting

What does an online associates degree in accounting involve?

Online accounting programs cover a wide range of topics aimed at providing the learner with well-rounded knowledge of all aspects related to accounting. Topics such as business economics, auditing, ERP systems, general ledgers, and database and financial analysis packages, along with intellectual, interpersonal, and communication skills, are required for successfully applying theoretical business methods and procedures in the field of accounting.

These skills will help you more fully understand the needs of your clients and equip you to truly thrive in this competitive field. Online accounting degree programs includes courses such as public accounting, management accounting, government accounting, government auditing, budget analysis, business model analysis, investment planning, closing the books, financial reporting, debit and credit records, comparison of current and past balance sheets, and more.

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