Bachelor Degree in Paralegal Studies Online Programs

Bachelor degree in paralegal online programs offers prospective learners the ability to acquire skills to work in the legal system without earning a law or juris doctorate degree.

A paralegal neither does court representations nor offers legal advice, but works in a law firm to assist lawyers with information gathering for clients, collecting information from witnesses during the legal process, keeping up-to-date clients records, legal schedules as well as managing routine procedures in the law firm.

Like law students, graduates with a bachelor in paralegal studies will have learned how to research case law and a number of documents, interview potential witnesses and write up a majority of legal instruments that lawyers may need in day-to-day practice.

Featured Schools - Online Paralegal Bachelors Degrees

Kaplan University

  • Bachelor in Paralegal Studies
  • Bachelor in Legal Studies

Strayer University

  • Bachelors (BBA) in Legal Studies

Post University

  • BS in Legal Studies

Virginia College

  • Bachelors in Paralegal Studies


Online paralegal degrees that culminate in a bachelor's degree include far more electives than shorter programs. Students learn about the foundation of the Constitution in the courts and legal system. They learn how to research and write a variety of legal instruments. And like law students, they learn about contracts and torts, real estate law and litigation as practiced between businesses. The variety of courses in electives, such as in environmental law or elder care law may enable students to find what area of practice interests them the most. Software application and legal technology courses are also part of a bachelor in paralegal degree curriculum. Most U.S. States have certification programs that assure prospect employers that online paralegal degree holders have the proper amount of skills before they begin work.

Career Options

Paralegal studies degrees programs are targeted for students who principally focus on assisting attorneys in legal matters that they may not otherwise be able to accomplish due to schedule constraints. However, there are a variety of fields within the practice of law that may interest paralegals, including elder care law, personal injury, real estate, and even more obscure examples such as maritime law. What can you do with bachelors in paralegal degree? Interestingly, a number of companies that aren't law firms also hire paralegals. For example, the purchasing and human resources departments of a large company may need a legal expert to review contract wording.

Salary Expectations

Paralegals that have a full bachelor's degree as well as state certification will have strong prospects for employment. The Bureau of Labor Statistics 2010-11 Edition notes that it is one of the fastest growing professional fields. Part of this is due to cost cutting measures by law firms who realize that paralegals can do much of the same work that attorneys do at a fraction of the cost. This opens up one potential avenue for career growth for paralegals that end up handling most aspects of a case outside of advising a client and/or appearing in court. They may also supervise the work of other paralegals. Salaries depend in large part on the type of firm and the amount of experience. However, the average salary for most paralegals in private practice firms is roughly $40,000, while those performing legal work for non-legal areas earn several thousand more.

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