Online Bachelor in Game Design Degree Programs

Graduates of online bachelor in game design degree learn to create exciting gaming experiences for the multi-million dollar entertainment and video gaming industry.

The students learn how to develop the framework or engine of games, develop a story for the game, work with graphics to create realistic environments, and ensure that the areas where characters operate ensure good game play, and may find work in a number of different aspects of video game design and development.

The course work and curriculum for those who pursue a bachelor's degree in game design and video game degree programs include a number of different courses because of the varied aspects of creating a video game. Learners acquire skills on how to create content for gaming consoles, desktop and laptop computers, smart phones and other handheld devices.

Students will often take courses in software design and learn various programming languages and production tools to convert ideas into real virtual games. They may also be in classes on graphic design and image manipulation, as well as using high-tech options for animation and framework implementation. They may also learn how to storyboard a game's plot line and how to manage the story and break it into pieces for the needs of the programmers who will do the actual program coding. Students may begin by focusing on one aspect of game design and pursue that in electives. Thus a bachelor's degree in game design will cover all the necessary topics associated with how games create experiences that tell a story.

Featured Schools that offer Online Bachelor's in Game Design

American Intercontinental University (AIU)

  • Bachelors in Game Design and Development
  • Bachelors in Media Production
  • Bachelors in Visual Communications
  • Bachelors in Visual Communications - Digital Design
  • Bachelors in Visual Communications: Graphic Design

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

  • Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design
  • Bachelor of Science in Game Art and Design
  • Bachelor of Science in Media Arts & Animation

DeVry University

  • Bachelor's - Game and Simulation Programming
  • Bachelor's - Multimedia Design and Development

Career Options

Since there are a number of different aspects of game design and development, degree holders may find a number of job options available to them. They may work on the animation of characters; design the 3-D models on which characters are based, or any number of other positions at top video game makers like Blizzard and Electronics Arts. However, their skills are also useful in a number of other sectors, including designing military simulations for the armed forces. They may also transition into computer-generated imagery for the movie industry.

Salary Expectations

Career growth often depends on the ability to bring success to smaller aspects of a video game project, such as the effective modeling of an athlete in a sports game, or designing an easy-to-develop storyline. Earnings vary greatly, but the majority of game design degree graduates who find work make between $50,000 and $80,000, with significant growth expected, especially in the mobile device market. In addition, like other executives, those with experience in the video game industry may receive compensation in the six figure range.

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